None of Your Business

None of Your Business

With the CDC’s announcement this past week that people vaccinated against COVID-19 no longer need to wear masks indoors, it kind of feels like the pandemic is over. Especially since a number of large national retailers, like Costco, Walmart/Sams, and Trader Joes, have all revised their mask policies accordingly. It seems like the coronafascists are finally starting to relax their grip.

Well, maybe. But don’t get too comfortable, yet. Our liberty is hardly secured just because the government wishes to appear magnanimous by acceding to both common sense and common practice around the country. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been wearing a mask inside most places for months. 

So if the coronafascists appear to be relaxing their grip, it’s only because they’re starting to lose their grip, and they’re crafty enough to see it. But if there’s one thing we know about fascists, it’s that they can never fully relinquish control. No doubt, they have something else up their sleeve. 

That’s why it’s important to note that the key phrase in the new CDC guidance is “fully vaccinated people.” According to our masters, those are the only ones now allowed to go maskless inside. And just in case that wasn’t abundantly clear, President Biden* drove the point home in a creepy, dystopian tweet worthy of President Snow: “The rule is now simple: get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do. The choice is yours.” 

This tweet raises several questions, including “What rule?” and “Whose rule?” President Biden* may think he’s a dictator, in his rare lucid moments, but he isn’t. He doesn’t get to make the rules. Neither does the CDC, for that matter, although they, too, clearly think they do. 

The tweet is important, however, because it telegraphs the coronafascists’ strategy moving forward. The Biden* administration has been justly criticized, even on the left, for its abysmal messaging on the vaccines. By telling people that, even after being vaccinated, they must continue to live in fear—masking up everywhere in perpetuity, continuing to “social distance,” avoiding gatherings of more than a few people—they succeeded only in disincentivizing the very behavior they supposedly desired. 

Perhaps finally recognizing their mistake, they abruptly pivoted to “If you ‘get the shot,’ you can take off the mask.” The problem they now face is obvious: How will they know who is vaccinated and who isn’t? That is a question many on the left are asking in alarm, including numerous blue-check Twitter bed-wetters blubbering about how they still don’t “feel safe” because so many unvaccinated Neanderthals will probably stop wearing masks, anyway. 

Well, yeah. That is exactly what will happen. And it is exactly what should happen. As Townhall’s own Scott Morefied and many others have been documenting for a year or more, there never was any high-level scientific evidence that masks were effective against this or any other respiratory virus. In fact, all the best evidence (including 12 randomized controlled trials) indicates otherwise. We never needed the government’s permission to take off our masks; we just needed the will to do so. With any luck, the CDC’s latest about-face will strengthen our collective resolve. 

But what about those among us who still don’t have official permission—the great unwashed, er, unvaccinated? Allow me to echo the blue-check lament: How in the heck is anyone going to know whether you’re vaccinated or not, unless you volunteer that information? So don’t volunteer it—even if you are. It is literally no one’s business but your own. If the vaccinated are protected, why should they care, except to satisfy their fascist urge? 

But then, fascists are always gonna fascist. What they have up their sleeve, of course, is some form of “vaccine passport.” They fantasize nightly about parading around in their jackboots and epaulets, demanding to see our papers. That dystopian nightmare must be resisted at every turn, by keeping up a steady stream of emails and social media posts aimed at our national, state and local leaders, by organizing protests and petitions, and ultimately by simply refusing to comply. 

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In most states, signing vaccine passports into law will require a difficult and protracted legislative battle, one I believe the left will ultimately lose. And even if they do in some states get their way, I believe the Supreme Court will strike down the resulting laws as unconstitutional, which they certainly would be. But I’m not 100 percent certain of any of that. We must remain vigilant. 

Meanwhile, it will be up to retailers and other business owners to determine who gets to parade mask-free around their establishment and who doesn’t—and I doubt most of them have any stomach for the task. Several have already signaled that they have no intention of playing vaccine police, nor should they. (Note that many of them also refused to play mask police, and rightly so.)

The upshot, for now at least—and hopefully for the foreseeable future—is that you can go about your daily life unhampered by a piece of cloth over your breathing holes. And in the unlikely event anyone asks you about your vaccination status, regardless of whether you’ve had the shot or not, just tell them, “It’s none of your business.” Because it isn’t.

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