It’s Your ‘Patriotic Duty’ To Ditch The Masks And Get A Job

By Scott Morefield

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wane regardless of the presence of useless non-pharmaceutical interventions like lockdowns, business closures, or forced masking, President Joe Biden recently called continued mask-wearing a “patriotic duty” just a few days before finally ‘giving’ vaccinated people ‘permission’ to unmask in indoor settings. And while his addled brain may have been aiming for a pleading, albeit sick, dystopian version of Kennedy’s “ask not what your country can do for you,” the president’s words only served to prove just how unhinged Democrats and leftists have strayed from reality over the last several decades.

If patriotism is defined as love for country and performing actions that are best for that country, it’s hard to see how wearing a damp, bacteria & virus laden piece of cloth over one’s mouth and nose, which has NEVER been proven to prevent the spread of anything much less a highly contagious respiratory virus, does ANY good for anybody. On the other hand, getting back to normal does a lot of people a lot of good, unless, of course, you’re a tyrannical, power-hungry, hypochondriac control freak who relishes using this moment in history to lord it over others and doesn’t want the premise upon which that power is based to end.

Given the fact that long-term face mask use is not at all helpful, potentially harmful, and unnecessarily delays our much-needed return to normality, it seems obvious that one’s “patriotic duty” SHOULD be to refrain from wearing them whenever possible. Sure, it’s peachy that a few of our overlords have deigned to ‘allow’ those of us who are vaccinated to go unmasked in some settings (thank you SO MUCH, generous Overlords!), but in reality the ability to breathe freely is a God-given right they had ZERO right to take in the first place. A true ‘patriot’ would know this. (A true patriot would also know that the answer to any question about vaccination status is ALWAYS either, “None of your damned business,” or, “I identify as being vaccinated.”)

So, now that we’ve gotten all THAT straightened out, there’s another matter that more than merits the call to “patriotic duty,” a call to action that could very well mean the difference between some degree of prosperity and years if not decades of economic decline. And that call to action, to those not already thus engaged, is this (please excuse the coming blunt but emphatic boldface): GET A JOB!

A world, this world, where one can at the SAME TIME have insanely high unemployment numbers AND insanely high demand for labor, could only be created by either sociopathic Marxists who know good and well what they’re doing or well-meaning but economically illiterate fools. Regardless, that’s the place we found ourselves at this point, a place where small and medium businesses are struggling for their very survival even as our ‘loving’ government pays workers to sit on the couch and watch Netflix.

Clearly, the Democrats’ plan, as per usual, is to create the crisis, then offer a ‘solution’ to said crisis that directly aids their quest for permanent political power. In this case, the ‘solution’ is mass immigration, even as they purposefully keep American workers on the couch, er, bench by essentially bribing them to stay out of the labor market. It’s absolutely disgusting, but such tactics are par for the course with these jackals.

Meanwhile, small and medium businesses struggle to survive, not for lack of available business, but for lack of willing help. Sure, there’s something to be said for increasing wages and benefits. Companies that can afford to do so should take care of their people and pay as much as they can, and we’ve seen wage increases across the board, often to little or no avail because it’s still not enough to compete with the government gravy train. 

Still, the fact that some big box chains are only now significantly increasing their wages is suspicious. Why weren’t they doing this all along? It’s not that they couldn’t afford it. But many small and medium sized businesses, especially in industries with low profit margins, can’t afford to pay what places like Walmart and Amazon have ‘suddenly’ found the means to afford. When there is nowhere else to work, will these companies continue to pay well?

Tucker Carlson nailed it during this recent segment on the issue:

There are millions of small businesses that cannot afford to compete. They’re not Walmart. And many of them will go under because of the pressure applied by the U.S. government on the labor market. And when those small businesses do go under, what will be left? Amazon.

Do YOU want to live in a world where only governments and gigantic corporations exist? I don’t, and I don’t think most Americans do either. Therefore, I believe that those who are not working simply because the government is sending them a check have a “patriotic duty” to get back into the labor force as quickly as possible. 

I know it’s difficult, especially for those receiving more or even close to what they were making before. It’s human nature to take the money and run, and most anyone would do the exact same thing, at least for a time. It’s not about calling people lazy or putting anyone down, but at this point it IS about consciously doing the right thing for our country. To quote Uncle Joe, it’s about “patriotic duty.”

The pandemic is on its last legs. Just like any other artificial bubble, this gravy train has to end. When it does, when the turmoil fades, when the vast majority of people are fully ready to get out and live again, let’s make sure there are restaurants, factories, shops, and services to go back TO. For yourself, for your community, for your country, the most patriotic thing you can do right now – if you’re not already doing it – is to get a job.

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