The Roddenberry Directive

Here is a possible first step in unifying the human population…see what you think…

In honor of Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the Star Trek universe, I offer a first draft of The Roddenberry Directive…

The Roddenberry Directive

1) It is hereby illegal to use any designation of race, skin color,
or country of origin when referring to anything HUMAN.

2) No mention of any kind is acceptable, be it for a private or
public club, affiliation or organization, and that any designation
will be removed from the names of current said organizations
and renamed so not to include any mention of race, skin color,
or country of origin.

3) Mentions and designations of color regarding anything
NON-HUMAN is still wholly acceptable, for example, Black Bear,
White Rhino, Red Eagle, etc., as well as other natural
phenomena so named, such as Black Holes, Red Giant Stars,
White Dwarfs, as well as commercial products, hobbies, games
and so forth.

4) Furthermore, no classification by race, skin color, or country
of origin will be allowed for any employment, school admission,
or any other pertinent social, governmental, or commercial

5) All media will henceforth cease mention of any human racial
reference whatsoever.

6) Historical records will stand as is and will become a testament
to our less tolerant and more divisive past with the eventual
understanding that we have finally evolved into a unified species
of Earth humans.

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