More Fun Stuff From The Babylon Bee

These guys are terrific…proof that humor still exists somewhere in our forsaken universe…merely click on any link to read the full story…most of them are very clever too…have a laugh!

Men Demand Reparations From Women Due To Eve Eating The Apple

Media Commits To Creating 25% More Racism In 2021

Think Women Can’t Fight? Here Are 9 Advantages Of Female Soldiers

Emperor Palpatine Claims Death Star Is ‘Infrastructure’

‘We’re Not Tearing Up The Constitution, We’re Untearing It,’ Say Dems While Ripping The Constitution Apart

Democrats Propose Taxing Treasures Laid Up In Heaven

Facebook Blocks Story That Says We Weren’t Always At War With Eastasia

College Student Aces Final By Just Answering ‘Racism!’ To Every Question

Ron Paul Disguises Federal Reserve As Nike Store In Hopes Rioters Will Burn It Down

Judge Asks Jurors To Disregard Maxine Waters As She Pours Gasoline On Their Heads

In Closing Argument, Prosecutor Tearfully Addresses Each Juror By Name, Phone Number, And Street Address

Airlines Offer Free Flights To Minneapolis For Travelers Who Use Code ‘ANTIFA’

False Alarm: Evil Nazi Facility That Murders And Sells Baby Parts Turns Out To Just Be A Planned Parenthood

Man Who Trusts Science Wears Mask While Outside, Helmet While Driving, Water Wings While Taking A Bath

BLM Founder Reminds Everyone Justice Won’t Fully Be Served Until She Can Buy A 5th House

Jurors To Read Their Final Wills Before Giving Verdict

Wife Loots Target In Name Of Racial Justice, Still Somehow Spends $250

Legal Experts Predict 50% Chance Of Conviction, 100% Chance Of Minneapolis Burning To The Ground

NASA Frantically Building Real Moon For Elon To Land On

Minneapolis Business Owner Ups Her Peaceful Protest Insurance

Meow Mix Sued For False Advertising After Study Shows Cats Were Just Making Standard Cat Noises And Not Asking For A Particular Brand Of Food

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