In Fun, Innovative Science Project, Middle Schooler Makes A Battery Out Of Brian Stelter

I have done this in class for student, but I used a potato…just about the same thing…

ATLANTA, GA—In a fun, unique science project that earned him a spot at this year’s county fair, local middle schooler Bryan Marvin made a battery out of Brian Stelter. The bright youngster powered a light bulb by hooking up two wires to Stelter’s head. As the CNN host ranted about Fox news, vaccine selfies, and Trump, the light bulb grew brighter and brighter until it finally burst.

Judges walking by with clipboards were wowed by the project, making notes and commenting to each other about just how impressive this project was.

“We usually see kids just using a potato or two,” said one judge and he put a first prize ribbon on Paulson’s project, “but this takes powering things with a potato to the next level. We truly believe Stelter may be the answer we’re looking for when it comes to providing clean, renewable energy to power-hungry nations.”

Next year, Marvin plans to make a clock out of him.

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