Hysterical Amazon Reviews of Haribo Sugar-Free Gummi Bears Are Just What We Needed Right Now

Read the comments…I was laughing out loud…



You can’t make this stuff up! Or can you? We’ll let you decide!

One thing we can all count on in life is the fact that gummy bears are delicious. They’re that perfect little snack that’s just supposed to be good, all the time; and when you buy them, you know exactly what you’re going to get. It doesn’t matter if they’re the weird off-brand kind your grandma keeps, a gourmet concoction, or the delectable and reliable name-brand treats we search for on the supermarket shelf. Gummy bears are delicious, and all is right with the world. 

Candy company Haribo is one of the more well-known makers of gummy bears (though they spell it Gummi with an “i”—as we shall do, henceforth). And somewhere along the line, someone over at Haribo got the genius idea to tamper with perfection and came out with a sugar-free version of the Gummi Bear. 

Now, we all know that a sugar-free Gummi Bear is pointless, and our job is not to question why this exists in the world. It is simply our duty to share with you the wonderful side effect this monstrosity of a candy (can we even really call it that?) has had on the world. Because although sugar-free Gummi Bears might be horrible (in more ways than one), the reviews left on Amazon about this particular product are nothing short of comedic gold.

Also, be warned there is a lot of poop talk. Lots and lots of poop. 

Check out some of the most memorable reviews below: 

Gummi Bear review
gummi bear review
gummi bear review

These just keep getting better and better … 

gummy bears
gummy bears
amazon review of gummy bears
gummy bears
gummy bears
amazon review
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