The Absolute Democrat Monarchy That’s Coming For You

Beware this tyranny is coming — destroy them while you can!!

By Ron Ewart

Those in possession of absolute power can not only prophesy and make their prophecies come true, but they can also lie and make their lies come true.”  Eric Hoffer, was an American moral and social philosopher.  He was the author of ten books and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in February 1983.

Of all the dumb tricks a society could do to itself, this one takes the cake.  By their own vote, tens of millions of Americans unwittingly set a trap for them selves and then walked right into the trap they created.  In a land of free elections the voters managed to elect a cadre of political idiots with malice and lies in their hearts, whose stated goals are to enslave the very people that voted them into office.  One might say that the voter is self-destructive and prone to suicide.   Or worse, maybe they like being slaves and dependent on big mother government.  All that other stuff about liberty, self-reliance, unalienable rights and the Constitution are passé and irrelevant, especially now when the government is so free about passing out printed or borrowed dollars to ignorant voters.

Unfortunately, the voters have created their own worst nightmare and there apparently is no way to reverse it except to wait for the next election.  But by then it will probably be too late.  The people are now stuck with an Absolute Democrat Monarchy exercising raw political power and virtually unrestrained by the 17 enumerated powers contained in Article 1, Section 8 of the U. S. Constitution.

The leaders that the voters have elected now believe they have the divine right to rule and do anything they want, without limitation, reservation, or electoral mandate.  All political power is now concentrated in the oligarchs of the Democrat socialist monarchy and they plan to use their perceived divine power to fundamentally alter America’s foundation of freedom, our culture and our way of life forever.  They have a 100-year head start, created oh so slowly under the umbrella of Progressivism.  You can vociferously object but it won’t do you any good.

In a land that is allegedly governed by the rule of law is now a nation ruled by ruthless men and women, corporate and social media hegemony, cancel culture, way too powerful teacher’s unions, supporters of Black Lives Matter a fascist group, endorsers of Critical Race Theory, allows so-called scientific experts to lie and a hopelessly corrupt news media.  They have thrown off the mantel of civility, constitutional procedure and decorum in favor of rule by irrational, lawless dictates and the sword, where peacefully occupying the U. S. Capitol by some patriots is bad but burning, looting and rioting under the guise of legal protests are good.  Obey or suffer the consequences of their wrath should you defy their cult ideology or their power.

Over 400 people have been arrested for protesting at the U. S. Capitol building and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  In contrast, rioters, looters and arsonists are still doing their dirty work all over America, mostly with impunity.   Those that are arrested are released immediately without bail.

Hillary Clinton, a Democrat, skates her major violations of law but government sends in a 29-member SWAT team to arrest Roger Stone, a Republican, for minor infractions.  Leaders at the FBI, DOJ and CIA get away with becoming virtually lawless in their pursuit of a president they don’t like.  They are still running around free as a bird.  The investigator into their misdeeds by U. S. Prosecutor John Durham seems to be AWOL.

The leaders that the people have elected to run this country are liars, con men and cheats.  Every statement they utter, every bill they pass or try to pass, every executive order the President signs are based on lies, false flags, corrupt science, or irrational politics.   Obama Care was a lie.  The $1.9 Trillion dollar Covid rescue legislation was a lie.  The proposed $2.25 Trillion infrastructure bill is a lie and they know it.

Packing the Supreme Court, repealing the electoral college, repealing the Senate filibuster rule, reparations for blacks, Medicare for all, involving government in social equity and gender dysphoria, granting free college tuition and paying off student loan debt, are all based solely on achieving absolute power by buying votes, resulting in a nation ruled in perpetuity by socialist Democrats.  This is nothing more than a Constitutional Republic being replaced by an Absolute Democrat Monarchy without a shot being fired.

You can’t overturn this arrogant power grab by Democrats by peaceful means or being nice or diplomatic.  Yes, we’re civilized and we have been trained to be nice, polite and civil.  But how is that working out for conservatives?  Has it stopped the onslaught of a flurry of local, state and federal laws that continue to “eat” away at our freedom, our liberty and our property rights?  Has Biden, Pelosi, or Schumer, or your liberal-controlled state houses, or your city or county councils changed course because conservatives are being civil?  Has being nice changed one liberal-progressive-socialist mind?  Not likely.  Absolute power is their goal and their obsession.

Conservatives have a determined opponent (Progressives) that is not only intransigent, but they have been successful for two reasons in winning the hearts and minds of a large percentage of the American people, academia, social media and the news media.  One, the Progressives have “bought off” the people with “give aways” out of the public treasury (our money) and have created a “pig trough” from which the “people” can feed.  Pigs don’t bite the hand that feeds them.

Two, they have adroitly used irrational “compassion” and the people’s collective “guilty conscience”, to sell the people, academia and the news media, that the “compassionate-collectivism” way is the only right way.  Fixing climate change is good but fossil fuels are bad.  But the truth is, mandatory compassion, (taxes, etc.) is not compassion at all.  It is enforced charity by any other name.  Enforced charity is servitude, if not slavery.  And collectivism is the arch enemy of individual freedom and liberty.

With that strong support bought with your money, Progressives have been able to fundamentally change America over the last 100 years, in spite of conservative’s somewhat limp opposition to that change.  It is readily apparent that conservatives do not have academia and they certainly don’t have the news or social media in their pockets.  What they might have is enough people to oppose the liberal-progressive agenda, if America is truly a center-right country, as so many have claimed.  However, if those “enough people” cannot come together on their values and principles and vigorously defend them, the liberal-progressive agenda has won.

The depth of anyone’s commitment to change is directly related to their conviction that what they stand for, is right.  The more intransigent is your opponent, the more force you will have to bring to defeat that opponent.  As you increase your force, being nice becomes less and less effective, as history has taught us.  Neville Chamberlain did not stop the Nazis by being nice.

You watch as your government wastes billions of your tax dollars on poorly thought-out programs that do nothing but have unintended and very expensive consequences. You cry out for redress on the illegal immigration problem, that your government refuses to fix, when the “fix” is pretty damn easy to do just by building and patrolling a wall and enforcing current laws.

You watch as your children are brainwashed and indoctrinated from Kindergarten through four years of college, while you pay through the nose, roll your eyes and do nothing.

You watch as politicians promise the moon from the public treasury to the undeserving that will drive America into financial oblivion.  You watch as your government passes laws that drive up the cost of housing, energy, food, cars and everything else, for reasons that defy common sense.

You watch as they promise universal health care that will do nothing more than raise the cost of health care, decrease its quality and give government the authority to further control your behavior, because they say they are paying for your medical care.  Medicare is nothing more than government-run health care, but many doctors are now refusing to accept Medicare patients because government is reducing what they pay the doctors, to control costs.  Just imagine what it will be like under government-run Medicare for all.  You can kiss the best health care service in the world, goodbye!

You watch as government outlaws the incandescent light bulb that has served Americans since Thomas Edison.  They are going to replace the incandescent bulb with a fluorescent bulb that costs more and has mercury in it.  If it breaks it will cost you $2,000 to clean up the resulting hazardous waste.  Oh and it will also cost you to dispose of the fluorescent bulb as well.

The minute these thieves that call themselves politicians go into session, the stealing begins.  They pass gigantic, poorly managed social programs that take billions of dollars in the sweat and labor from the millions of us that are working.  They then transfer our sweat, blood and tears to someone else, that isn’t.  Their so-called safety nets discourage the work ethic and entice others to jump on the government bandwagon so they don’t have to work either. (A free lunch for them that isn’t free for you and me)  Need we mention the millions of illegal aliens who come here by breaking our laws and attach themselves to our schools, hospitals and safety nets?  Then the illegal aliens send billions back to their homeland that they gain from the exploitation of cheap labor and welfare benefits.

Unless conservative Americans increase their force against this Absolute Democrat Monarchy and cease being nice, the other side will not get the message.  Because not only does the opposition have a large segment of the people, academia and the news media in their pockets, they have billions of our tax dollars to push us back at the executive level, at the legislative level and at the judicial level, be it local, state or the federal government.  But worse, the government supports special interest groups in a big way, again with our tax money, to fight against us.

In a war and we are in a war of ideas, ideology and philosophy, when the other side holds most of the “aces”, and they do, the opposing side had better resort to the winning tactics of generals who are out numbered, out gunned and out spent.  Being nice is not one of those tactics.

General Washington changed the field of battle by employing guerilla warfare.  The British moaned and groaned that he wasn’t fighting fair.  Tough!  As he was out numbered, he turned to the messages of passion and patriotism to motivate his men.  When he was out spent, he enlisted the help of the enemy of his enemies, France.  Conservative Americans are not in a shooting war ….. yet, but if they do not start resorting to the strategy of winning and cease being nice, they will most certainly lose and so will freedom and liberty.  One of the ways you can start fighting back is to issue “The Mandate.”

You can ignore this Absolute Democrat Monarchy (ADM) that socialist Democrats have created at your own peril, but ADM isn’t going to go away on its own. It is only going to get stronger.

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