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After Chauvin Verdict, BLM Volunteers To Rebuild Minneapolis, Return All Looted Items
Pelosi Thanks Millions Of Babies For Sacrificing Their Lives For Women’s Rights
CNN Introduces Segment Where They Rant About What Trump Would Have Tweeted If He Hadn’t Gotten Kicked Off Of Twitter
Frustrated Looter Has To Wait Until The Next National Outrage To Liberate A TV
7 Non-Lethal Alternatives For Police To Use Instead Of Guns
In Name Of Social Justice, Nation’s Fathers Loot New Balance Stores
Financial Experts Recommend Inventing Time Machine, Going Back To 2009 And Telling Yourself To Buy Bitcoin

7 Reasons You MUST Go To College If You Want To Be Successful In Life
Dems Finally Defend Unborn Babies’ Lives After They Start Wielding Knives
Chicago Police Now Required To Ask For Criminals’ Consent Before Arresting Them

Dungeons And Dragons Introduces New 100-Sided Die For Determining Your Character’s Gender
USPS Finally Delivers Paul’s Third Epistle To The Thessalonians
Worship Leader Late To Church After Repeatedly Driving Over Bridge
Atheists Joyfully Celebrate ‘Meaningless Rock Hurtling Through Space’ Day
Chip and Joanna Gaines Team Up With Antifa For New Show… Smasher Upper!

Ron Paul Disguises Federal Reserve As Nike Store In Hopes Rioters Will Burn It Down

That Girl Getting Stabbed Wasn’t In Danger,’ Says Man Who Flops Any Time Another Player Gets Within Six Feet Of Him

BLM Founder Reminds Everyone Justice Won’t Fully Be Served Until She Can Buy A 5th House
7 Non-Lethal Alternatives For Police To Use Instead Of Guns
8 Techniques To Guarantee God Will Hear Your Prayer
L.A. Homeless Man Feeling Unsafe As Limos Full Of Drug Addicts And Perverts Show Up In His Neighborhood
NBC News Edits Footage Of Michael Myers To Make It Look Like He’s Just Handing Flowers To The Townspeople
Dems Demand Statehood For Epstein’s Private Island
Unclear What Political Party Man Belongs To Since He’s Wearing Both A MAGA Hat And A Mask
Police Convert Antifa Into Productive Members Of Society By Playing Jordan Peterson Clips On Giant Video Screen
12 Ways To Help Your Wife Around The House Without Putting In Too Much Effort

Hasbro Releases New Version Of Clue Where Mrs. White Is Always Guilty

Gavin Newsom Fights Back Against Caitlyn Jenner By Announcing He Too Is Transgender

Trump One-Ups Kamala By Visiting Border And Handing Out Copies Of ‘Art Of The Deal’
All Scientists Forced To Retire After Realizing The Science Is Now Settled
Portland Mayor Announces Plans To Crack Down On Antifa Before It Gets Out Of Hand
BLM Founder Reminds Everyone Justice Won't Fully Be Served Until She Can Buy A 5th House

NEW VIDEO: Exclusive interview with the co-founder of Black Lives Matter

In our latest video, we interview one of the founders of Black Lives Matter about injustice. She gives us some great answers — well, when her mouth isn’t full of caviar and delicious melted gold. Check it out:

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