Nation of Lawyers, Not Laws

Remember what Shakespeare said? “First, kill all the lawyers…” How bad would it be if that ever happened?

By Lex Greene

On April 8, 2021 in a speech pertaining to his maniacal “gun grab” agenda, pseudo-president Joe Biden plainly proclaimed that no amendment to the Constitution is absolute,” meaning, that nothing in the Constitution or Bill of Rights is absolute, all of it, subject to change via the whims of Executive Orders.

Not only does Joe Biden think he has the power to make laws by the stroke of his pen, but he also believes he is not restrained in any way by the text of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. He believes he can amend or overrule the Constitution itself, by mere Executive Order. These are the ramblings of a tyrannical madman who sees himself as a God, a totally unbridled dictator!

Biden is a lawyer, and like most modern lawyers, he believes not in a nation of laws as created by the sole lawmaking branch of government, the legislature…but rather in the unconstitutional lawmaking authority of lawyers, by way of Court opinions and Executive Orders. They believe that the Constitution creates an Executive dictatorship, or an unelected oligarchy of rulers from the bench, or a convenient combination of the two.

Since seizing federal power on January 20, 2021, the pseudo-Biden administration has issued and signed at least 38 new Executive Orders, all of them treated as if they are “laws.” For any Oval Office occupant to be able to create laws by the mere stroke of their pen, they would have to be a dictator, a one-man lawmaker, and we would have to be living in a pure dictatorship, not a Constitutional Republic.

But contrary to modern unconstitutional indoctrinations, Executive Orders are NOT law, even though today’s legal profession may insist that they are. This is the fundamental undermining of Constitutional Law via British Common Law tactics, which Jefferson warned of, not long after the adoption of the U.S. Constitution in 1787.

“Our Constitution . . . intending to establish three departments, co-ordinate and independent that they might check and balance one another, it has given—according to this opinion to one of them alone the right to prescribe rules for the government of others; and to that one, too, which is unelected by and independent of the nation. . . . The Constitution, on this hypothesis, is a mere thing of wax in the hands of the judiciary, which they may twist and shape into any form they please.” (Jefferson letter to Judge Spencer Roane, Sept. 6, 1819)

The lawyer lies and the courts swear to it… and this is exactly how the most fraudulent election in U.S. history is still allowed to stand as of today, as even the U.S. Supreme Court refused to allow any evidence of fraud to be presented in its chambers.

Meanwhile, a growing number of State Supreme Courts are hearing the evidence and ruling that the 2020 elections were “unlawful and unconstitutional” within their own states. If the election processes were unlawful and unconstitutional, then so are the results of that election, hence, the use of the term “pseudo-president.”

Righting the wrongs in the 2020 election is critical to the survival of the U.S. Constitutional Republic. No one should have any doubts about that at this point. But just as critical, is preventing the use of Executive Orders that are also unlawful and unconstitutional.

SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED is very plain language. It’s intentionally extremely broad in nature and it’s not listed as a Right of the people, but rather a prohibition of government, to ever institute any laws which infringe in any manner, upon the natural Rights of the people to keep and bear arms. The language is broad, because this Right is equally broad.

To “infringe” is to “act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on.” In this case, it’s the natural Right of all American citizens to “keep” (possess) and “bear” (carry) firearms, as protected by the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, by which, all other natural Rights are protected.

Any law, policy, order, or rule which “acts so as to limit, undermine or encroach” upon this God-given natural Right, is a direct violation of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. By definition, it’s “unconstitutional.”

That which is unconstitutional on its face, is unlawful and carries with it, no force of law whatsoever. This is the fundamental difference between a Constitutional Republic and a tyrannical dictatorship.

Jefferson was right in the early 1800s when he could already see the dangers of the Article III judicial branch, to ever expand the power of itself and the Executive branch by fiat, until we were no longer a nation of laws, but a mere nation of lawyers working around the clock to undermine and subvert the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

“The judiciary of the United States is the subtle corps of sappers and miners constantly working under ground to undermine the foundations of our confederated fabric. They are construing our constitution from a co-ordination of a general and special government to a general and supreme one alone. This will lay all things at their feet, and they are too well versed in English law to forget the maxim, ‘boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem’ [good judges have ample jurisdiction]. . . . A judiciary independent of a king or executive alone, is a good thing; but independence of the will of the nation is a solecism, at least in a republican government.” (Jefferson letter to Thomas Ritchie, Dec. 25, 1820)

Fortunately, the Founding documents of the United States of America were not written in legalese or even old English, requiring a lawyer to properly interpret and explain their contents. They were all purposefully written in plain modern English, so that every citizen with a 3rd grade reading comprehension level could properly interpret the documents on their own.

This is also why the USA never was and was never intended to be a “democracy,” but rather a Constitutional Republic instead. A democracy can use the will of the majority to run roughshod over the minority, 50.1 over 49.9… But a Constitutional Republic prevents the will of any majority from running roughshod over any minority, so long as the Constitution remains the Supreme Law of the Land.

And this, is why no President can be allowed to rule from on high by mere stroke of the pen, like some tin-horn dictator in a 3rd world commune. It’s also why only the constitutionally empowered legislative branch has any lawmaking authority at all.

Mass non-compliance of unlawful and unconstitutional mandates, of any form or any subject, is the first line and means of defense. American citizens have no legal, moral, or ethical obligation to follow or live under any unlawful or unconstitutional acts of government, and when they stand up together, there is nothing more powerful.

However, our silence is recorded as our consent… and that’s how we got here. Be silent no more…consent no more…stand together, not alone, and reclaim our Right as the true power of a self-governed people under the Supreme Law of this land, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

© 2021 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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