Tom Bearden – Cold Comfort?

I am a big fan of this fellow and have been for many years. Though considered somewhere on the fringe of physics, he has written books and articles regarding his energy propositions and scalar interferometry for all that time…I do not recall anyone refuting his theories yet…

The recent severe Texas and East Coast cold weather and its attendant infliction of widespread human suffering in Texas can’t help but jog one’s memory about Tom Bearden’s DVD “Soviet Weather Engineering over North America.” 

His summary is that the weather over North America has been engineered since 1976, we have not had “normal” weather since that date, and it would be naïve to assume that by now other nations and entities have not developed weather engineering technology in its many guises.

In fact weather engineering modification by the U.S. Government predates even Tom Bearden’s 1976 date.
On 10th December 2013, Harvard Professor Dr. David Keith appearing on the U.S. TV show “The Colbert Report” makes the case for weather engineering outlined in his book “The Case for Climate Engineering.”  One particularly contentious issue he raised was “who is going to control the thermostat?”

This remains a key question.

And we know from our own former Defense Secretary William Cohen, Senator Sam Nunn, and even from high ranking Soviet Defector Stanislas Lunev’s book “Through the Eyes of the Enemy” that the weather engineering genie is now out of the bottle.

A cursory glance at the skies frequently shows extremely unnatural cloud formations that are the signature of this unseen electromagnetic manipulation.

2021: typical giant radial cloud indicating scalar EM manipulation of the weather. Note the virtual EM “node” unseen at the center of the spokes.
Tom Bearden’s book “Star Wars Now” explains what is going on here, and how this indicates that the jetstream is being “steered” by manipulation of artificial hot and cold spots.
For those of you who want to be briefed about the fundamentals of Electromagnetic weather engineering, we do recommend Tom Bearden’s seminal DVD “Soviet Weather Engineering over North America.”

Or for a more comprehensive overview of the whole adversarial technological implications, buy Tom Bearden’s book “Star Wars Now” or “Fer de Lance”.
 An interesting footnote is that the 1928 book on Cloud Forms by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Weather Bureau does not list these “spoked wheel” radial clouds, see
Who will control the thermostat?
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