Texas Governor Abbott Introduces Bill Banning Social Media Censorship

This fellow is one of only a handful or two powerful people in this country with any kind of brains and guts to do the right thing…more power to you, Governor Abbott!


By Kelen McBreen for Infowars

Republican Texas Governor Abbott joined state Senator Bryan Hughes for a press conference Friday, updating citizens on a new bill meant to protect free speech online.

“I am joining @SenBryanHughes to announce a bill prohibiting social media companies from censoring viewpoints,” Abbott wrote on Twitter. “Too many social media sites silence conservative speech and ideas and trample free speech. It’s un-American, Un-Texan, & soon to be illegal.”

“Conservative speech will not be cancelled in the state of Texas,” Abbott said. “(This bill) would allow any Texan who has been cancelled, censored or de-platformed to file a lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook or any of these other companies.”

The move coincides with a bill proposal in Florida that also addresses social media censorship.

“We’ve seen the power of their censorship over individuals and organizations, including what I believe is clear viewpoint discrimination,’’ Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told the Tampa Bay Times. “Under our proposal, if a technology company de-platforms a candidate for elected office in Florida during the election, a company will face a daily fine of $100,000 until the candidate’s access to the platform is restored again.”

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