Ten Commandments for an America First GOP


By Ted Noel for Townhall

10 Commandments for an America First GOP

At CPAC, Donald Trump declared that he would not start a third political party because that would split conservatives, making it too easy for Democrats to win elections. What he neglected to say is that the GOP must explicitly become the America First Republican Party. It doesn’t need that name on the masthead, but it needs it on everything else, or Americans will simply see it as a feckless counterpart to the rabid Marxists in the Democrat Party.

To that end, allow me to propose a list of basic principles to which “Republicans” must subscribe. Of particular importance, creating such a standard would separate the Republicans from all other parties in history whose primary purpose has been to bamboozle the public into letting them win. It would reverse centuries of cynicism about the motives of politicians who prove they are lying by moving their lips.

Donald Trump did not enunciate the principles I list below. He was a practical guy, and in general acted on an implicit understanding of right and wrong within our American experiment. Americans supported him because he actually fought for what was right. This is the key change needed in the Republican Party. It must stop being a disorganized, “me, too” version of the Democrat Party. It cannot be willing to accept what the Dems are putting down, just 20 years later. It has to be what Donald Trump demonstrated – an alternative in every respect. He believed in:

The American Dream – The idea that every American is free to work hard to earn a better life, and not have it stolen by anyone, not even the government.

Without further ado, allow me to present a “Ten Commandments” list of essentials for a Republican Party that will inspire loyalty and support from patriotic Americans. Otherwise it will contest “a biennial political cycle to settle for second place behind their lockstep rivals.”

1. The Republican Party must be the America First Party in every way. It must be made up of “We, the People of the United States,” and serve “We the People.” Abraham Lincoln may have said it best with “we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” (emphasis added)

2. The government of the United States has one purpose: to serve “the People of the United States.” The “People” are U.S. citizens. No non-citizen is part of “the People of the United States” or has any legitimate claim on any resources of the U.S. government. No non-citizen is legitimately part of the “population” of any state. At best, non-citizens are legal resident guests whose presence we respect and who are fully subject to the laws of the United States. Non-citizens who are present without lawful authority are trespassers who are properly subject to removal. Voting is a privilege exclusively reserved to citizens.

3. The Constitution of the United States is the highest law of the land. It was written by highly educated men who wrestled at great length to properly say what they meant. It must be understood in the way that its writers understood it. This principle of “original understanding” must be applied to all other laws as well. The concept of a “living Constitution” or “living law,” where words change meaning as society changes must be firmly rejected. If the Constitution or laws require change, there are proper and orderly prescribed methods for doing so. Failure to achieve change through those methods cannot be allowed to authorize extralegal changes, either by judicial or regulatory fiat.

4. The Constitution grants the Federal Government a limited list of specifically enumerated powers. The Ninth and Tenth Amendments emphatically reserve everything else to the citizens (“the people”) or the state governments. The current radical distortion of the Interstate Commerce and General Welfare clauses to encompass everything some politician wants to do must be reversed.

5. The Administrative State has created an unelected, unconstitutional fourth branch of government that serves primarily to oppress the citizens and enrich favored persons. The doctrines of Auer and Chevron deference, which state that administrative interpretation of law is presumed correct, are anathema and must be judicially repudiated.

6. The Judicial Branch has made it impossible in most circumstances for anyone to challenge unconstitutional legislation by means of its fiat doctrine of “standing.” We must have a mechanism by which unconstitutional statutes can be challenged de novo, so that no one may be oppressed or impoverished by Congress acting outside of its legitimate authority. This mechanism must not depend on a Court deigning to accept the challenge.

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7. Male and female are the only sexes, and there are major physical and physiological differences between them. The Law must respect those differences.

8. The Government has no proper business being concerned with either your race or sexual orientation. All your rights and privileges are God-given and protected by your citizenship. No preference related to race or sexual orientation should be extended by the government.

9. The Law should have no concern for whether you are offended by what someone says or writes. The First Amendment exists to protect offensive speech. Inoffensive speech requires no protection. Any entity receiving funding or immunities from the government must fully respect free speech.

10. Our Republic is maintained by regular elections for our representatives to various branches of government. An election is a process of tallying the preferences of citizens who have properly and timely registered to vote; who have been identified as lawful voters; who have cast their votes in the time, place, and manner prescribed by law. Public confidence in elections requires that every step of the process be fully visible to all interested parties in real time, without any outside manipulation of the process. 

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