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By Dave Daubenmire

If we do not get an understanding of how America was designed to operate, we have no chance of restoring this nation.  Basic civics is no longer taught in America’s government schools because those who are in control of The Government do not want you to understand how we have been snookered.

The Supreme Court of the United States has become the most powerful branch of government. Our Founders never designed it to be that way.  Our Government is lawless.

Briefly.  There are three branches of Government in the American Constitutional Republic system.  They are:

  • The Legislative Branch, which is solely responsible for making laws.
  • The Judicial Branch, which is charged with the interpretation of laws.
  • The Executive Branch, which ensures the execution and enforcement of laws.

Although it is much more complicated than I have stated, the roles of the three branches are clearly defined.  Congress makes laws.  The courts interpret the law when a dispute arises, and the President is responsible for seeing the laws properly executed or enforced.

(I am pulling from memory my 1970’s high school education when the school’s job was to teach civics, social studies, and history to the students.  In fact, POD, Problems of Democracy, was required for graduation.  My fellow old folks remember it.  Today, they have substituted such stellar classes as “how to masturbate” in place of POD.)

This is how they have subverted America and subdued an entire nation through the illegal edicts of governors, mayors, and various “health officials.”  Just because something is a “good idea” or “protects vulnerable people”, or “slows the curve” is not reason enough to blindly obey a non-law.  In America there is a clearly defined process to “make laws” and “good intentions” are not valid rationale for implementing “Pretended Legislation.”

Most Americans have never heard that term before, but it is listed specifically in the Declaration of Independence as a reason to “throw off the chains” of the King.  Here is the quote from the Declaration:

He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation: …For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences.”

Hmmm. Pretended Legislation leads to pretended offenses…that sort of sounds like mask mandates, social distancing, health mandates and non-essential businesses,” doesn’t it my fellow Americans?

Color of law is the term they use for that.  “Color of law refers to an act done under the appearance of legal authorization, when in fact, no such right existed.” By the way, it is a crime to execute a law that is “pretended legislation.”  Here is what the Federal LAW states.  Read it and weep boys and girls…or girls who claim to be boys.  We have been snookered again.

Let us cut to the chase.  Only LEGISLATURES can make laws.  State legislatures make laws that apply to the residents of a particular state.  Federal laws are made by CONGRESS and apply to all residents under the jurisdiction of the Federal (Washington) Government.  CITIES make codes, or ordinances which apply ONLY to that city.

Judges CANNOT MAKE LAWS.  Courts interpret laws.  It is impossible for a court to make a law.  Roe v. Wade is a court OPINION.  Homosexual “marriage” is a court opinion.  Opinions are not laws.  Only LEGISLATURES can make laws.  There is NO LAW “legalizing” abortion or same sex marriage.

Do you get it yet?  Abortion was never LEGALIZED.  Check the books.  Thirty-one states STILL have LAWS defining marriage as one man and one woman.  The SCOTUS nullified those laws.  They DID NOT LEGALIZE gay marriage.  They cannot.  For homo marriage to ever be legal the LEGISLATURE, or a direct vote of the people, could ever make it a law.  PERIOD.  COURTS CANNOT MAKE LAWS.  Legislatures make laws.

Is your memory of high school CIVICS kicking in yet?

The Bible tells us that there is nothing new under the sun.  When tyrants get in power, they create more tyranny.  Tyranny is “the exercise of power over subjects and others with a rigor not authorized by law or justice.”

So, let me circle back.  Since at least 1947 when the Everson V Board of Education OPINION of SCOTUS declared a “separation between the church and state” America has been on a highway to hell dictated by unelected Government officials who had no authority to impose their belief on WE, The People.  No Supreme Court decision ever created a law.  Our ignorance has enabled the Government to impose upon uninformed Americans, under “pretended legislation”, a false “Color of Law” that the dumbed-down public believe they must obey.

We have been subjected to the tyranny of the “fake laws” that have slowly and surely destroyed the liberties of the American people. Mandates are not laws.

Want me to wear a mask?  Pass a Law.  Want me to stop going to church?  Pass a law.  Want me to take a vaccination?  Pass a damn law.

At last count Mr. Biden has signed 50 Executive orders.  Executive orders are not laws. Remember, Presidents CANNOT make laws.

Travel restrictions?  Business closings?  School closings?  Social distancing? Abortions?  Homosexual marriage?  Transgender rights? Health mandates?

Thomas Jefferson warned us “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free…it expects what never was and never will be.”

Color of law?  Pretended legislation?  Enough already.  Show us the LAW!

Only when we are no longer ignorant can we hope to be free.

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