Man Born Without Arms or Legs Condemns Abortion: “All Life Has Value”

If you do not know of Nick Vujicic, do yourself a favor and watch his awesomely inspiring videos. This fellow blows me away every time I see him. In my mind, he is one of the most amazing men on planet Earth.


Nick Vujicic tells his incredible story of living life without limbs to people all across the world, sharing the message that every life is valuable to God.

He recently spoke to The Christian Post about his journey, the destruction of the family by abortion in America, and the value of every human life.

“No matter who that child is, no matter what the doctors say, God has a plan,” Vujicic said. “When God says He’s got a plan, a good plan, He can take whatever we have and use it for good.”

Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1982, Vujicic said his parents had no idea that he had any health issues until he was born. When he arrived without arms or legs, he said life quickly became a challenge for all of them.

As a child, Vujicic said he struggled with depression because of his missing arms and legs. Eventually, he said God helped him to see his value. Today, he runs a ministry called Life Without Limbs where he shares his story and God’s love for every individual.

A pro-life advocate, he and his wife attended the premier of the new film “Roe v. Wade” in February at C-PAC, according to the report. The film tells the backstory of the infamous U.S. Supreme Court abortion ruling that led to the destruction of more than 62 million unborn babies’ lives to abortion.

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When asked about the film, Vujicic said he believes the problems in America today are rooted in God and the family.

“Many people have asked me, especially over the last 18 months, ‘What happened, what really happened in our country for it to be where it is?’ And I really believe that it started with the family,” Vujicic said.

He continued: “I also believe that it started with the church and understanding that we must hold on to what God has given us, the basics of what He’s given us in Scripture — that all of life has value, that all of life God can use for His purpose. And that even though we don’t get a miracle, we can still be one.”

Vujicic, an internationally-known speaker and advocate, is proof of that.

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