DHS Secretary Invites Unlimited Number of “Asylum Seekers” to the U.S.

Can the damage that the Xiden administration has done and will do ever be reversed? Our country is in some very deep yogurt…


By Katie Pavlich for Townhall

DHS Secretary Invites Unlimited Number of 'Asylum Seekers' to the U.S.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas invited an unlimited number of “asylum seekers” to the United States Monday afternoon, but urged them to wait until the Biden administration implements a new way to process them first. 

The vast majority of “asylum seekers” are illegal immigrants falsely claiming asylum. Because the Biden administration has lowered the bar for asylum, requiring migrants to utter a few correct words to apply, the system is being overwhelmed and abused. The Trump Administration cracked down on asylum abuse for this reason and implemented the “remain in Mexico policy,” something the Biden administration is currently working to repeal. 

In 2019, then Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham explained how asylum abuse works. 

“What’s happening now is that you’re having large numbers of families with small children trying to get caught. They’re not evading capture, they’re going to the first Border Patrol agent they can find and say ‘here we are, we want to claim asylum,” Graham said. “If you don’t want to separate families, what do you do? If you don’t want to have family detention centers, what we’re doing is letting people go. Word is out on the street in Central America that if you make it to the United States, try to get caught, don’t evade capture, claim asylum, you’re chances of being deported are very very low.”

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“Somebody needs to send a signal to the people coming to stop,” Graham continued. “We’re talking about deporting people…who have been through the legal process and lost. They’ve had their day in court and they lost and they didn’t show up. They’re hiding out in the country.” 

During an interview last month, former Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan explained how criminal organizations take advantage of open border policies. 

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