CNN Throws Left-Wing News Outlet Under the Bus, Gets Accused of ‘Sleazy’ Reporting

Eating their own? Imagine CoNN calling someone out for sleazy reporting…lol…

By Connor McNulty

CNN Throws Left-Wing News Outlet Under the Bus, Gets Accused of 'Sleazy' Reporting
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Proving there are more important concepts than ideology, the left-wing media giant CNN launched an attack on the progressive news outlet, The American Prospect, for allegedly reporting facts the gatekeeping organization did not like. 

In an encouraging twist, The Prospect fought back against CNN’s smear of “misinfo,” with their executive editor, David Dayen, taking the established network to task on Twitter over their “sleazy” practices.

Dayen addressed the Friday “Reliable Sources” newsletter written by CNN’s Oliver Darcy in a series of tweets, one reading, “We’re going to have more on this in a followup. But it is so sleazy of CNN to duck us for a week, then have their “media” “reporter” run a BS story that lumps us in with conspiracy theorists. With the “evidence” that an untrustworthy agency said so.”

The spat began on March 22 when The Prospect’s Marcia Brown wrote an article entitled “Did CNN Air a Staged Migrant Crossing of the Rio Grande?” 

In the thoroughly reported piece, Brown chronicles allegations that a video report of migrants crossing the border, which aired on CNN on March 12, was in fact depicting a staged event.

In the original reporting by CNN’s Ed Lavandera, he narrates the chilling scene of illegal immigrants being ferried across the Rio Grande River by a masked coyote.

However, according to Brown’s reporting, the sight may be startling for a different reason altogether:

“But the scene may not be all that it appears to be. Immigrant rights advocates and others claim that the footage was staged, potentially with the cooperation of the Border Patrol. CNN was warned that the clip appeared to be a fabrication before it aired, but the network decided to run it anyway.”

The article goes on to report the opinions of qualified stakeholders, including a former Border Patrol agent, the director of a Texas conservation organization, and a volunteer helping migrants seek asylum. 

CNN was not directly accused of setting up the alleged charade, but notably, they reportedly refused to respond to the Prospect’s requests for comment. 

In a scripted response, CNN’s head of strategic communications, Matt Dornic, addressed the issue on Twitter, replying to a former Border Patrol Agent’s tweet, “CNN did not participate in any type of coordinated effort to shoot a staged scene of migrants crossing the river nor have we found any credible evidence that suggests our team was unknowingly part of a set-up by Border Patrol or anyone else.”

Read the rest at the link above…

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