“We Don’t Find It Safe Enough” – EU Lawmaker Jérôme Rivière: Mail-in Ballots and Voting Machines Banned in France (VIDEO)

The French realize the truth of the absurdity of mail-in and machine voting, as do a few other countries…what the eff is wrong with us?

In the aftermath of the 2020 elections, honest Americans are looking to make widespread reforms to the voting systems and procedures used in America.

One America’s Jack Posobiec spoke with a French member of the European Parliament Jérôme Rivière to see whether foreign countries use the same kinds of election practices as the U.S.

Ireland and The Netherlands also banned electronic voting in recent years.


Riviere told One America News France banned mail-in ballots in 1975 because it was too easy to cheat. Now the Macron government is pushing early voting through machine voting but the senate refused to pass the amendment. Jerome says, “We don’t find it safe enough.”

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Here is Jack Posobiec’s interview on OAN.


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