Understanding Political Sleight of Hand

Here is an interesting take on politics and how people are so easily duped, and are glad to be so…

By JB Williams for News With Views

Most are familiar with the term “sleight-of-hand” as it pertains to magicians, manual dexterity, typically in performing “amazing” tricks. It’s a learned form of art, when used for entertainment purposes only.

The magician practices for years, learning how to do two things. First, developing dexterity in their hands so that they can swiftly make certain unnatural movements with their hands that appear undetectable to the human eye. Then, learning techniques used to distract your attention from the hand doing the dirty work, onto something else, so that the hand actually doing “magic” is not the focus of your attention. Once perfected, these two “tricks” leave the audience mesmerized by what only appears to be “magic.”

Political sleight-of-hand works remarkably similar, in that the political con artist will also use something to distract the audience with one hand, or in many cases, certain words and phrases, while doing their dirty work with the other. The two basic tools of the magician are the same as that of the common street or political con artist. The “magic” works the same, for the same reasons.

Political sleight-of-hand is actually a conman’s game. No one does it better than modern politicians today, not even the best of street conmen. In fact, pretty much all of politics is a carefully crafted and well-rehearsed con. The trick is to catch the “magic” or “con” as it’s happening…in real-time.

Just like learning to watch and catch how the magician does their trick, you can learn to recognize how the political con artist does their magic as well. It’s simply a matter of proper training.

STEP 1 – Wanting to catch the trick – many people don’t want to know how the magician’s trick works, because it will forever destroy their belief in magic. Likewise, in political magic, many don’t want to know they are being conned, because it will forever change how they look at politicians and the promises they make when seeking power. But if you want to know, you can know.

STEP 2 – Learning to detect the diversion – Once you know how the diversionary tactics work and how to recognize them as they are used in real-time, the only thing left is to know where to focus your attention in order to see the trick. The purpose of the diversion is to make you look away from where the trick is taking place.

In 2020, the diversion was COVID19, otherwise known as SARS2, or one of many viral strains of the common cold and flu. According to the magician, COVID19 is the deadliest virus and pandemic to strike the entire world since the black plague. However, ironically, the sudden number of “COVID19” deaths matches almost exactly, the number of annual deaths from cold and flu each year. In fact, the number of total deaths in 2020 was lower than the number in previous years. Coincidentally, the number of annual cold and flu deaths vanished in 2020, instead labeled COVID19 deaths.

The real “pandemic” wasn’t COVID19. COVID19 (aka the SARS2 virus) was merely a diversion to take your attention away from the real killer, a stolen 2020 election and the end of the United States as you have ever known it. Focus the nation on FEAR for their health, and they won’t pay any attention to anything else. In fact, they will voluntarily do things you thought you would never see American do.
STEP 3 – Ignoring the diversion to catch the trick – Once you learn to ignore the diversion, and focus on the hand doing the dirty trick, you will learn how to see the movements of the hand and uncover the magic (con) as it’s happening.

The diversion – COVID19 lockdowns… The trick – mail-in balloting wherein the elections could be easily stolen, as you (the audience) focused on the diversion. John Q. Public was so consumed by scary daily government COVID briefings, and trying to figure out how to pay bills while voluntarily unemployed, that they accepted a stolen election via mail-in fraud with hardly a blink.

The diversion – Trump’s (fake) Russian Collusion… The trick – DNC, BLM and ANTIFA foreign collusion in the theft of the 2020 elections via foreign campaign financing and foreign intrusions into USA election systems to switch votes from one candidate to another electronically.

The diversion – January 6 Trump supporter (fake) insurrection in D.C… The trick – American Socialists seizing power to destroy our Constitutional Republic and create a “One World Order” under global socialist governance, with the help of numerous foreign socialist and communist states.

The diversion – Unconstitutional (fake) impeachment… The trick – the enemy inside the gates in unbridled political power, busy purging all dissenting voices from Military, Security and Justice ranks before the American people figure out that they were conned out of their country and freedom in the 2020 elections.

The diversion – Keeping citizens on (fake) lockdown and fear for COVID… The trick – while bringing thousands more illegal aliens into the country from some of the worst places on earth, along with all illnesses and diseases from their home countries to further dilute Americanism in America.

The diversion – Peaceful Trump rallies (labeled fake riots, insurrection) … The trick – Real riots, vandalizing, looting, burning cities across the country, and threatening, injuring, or killing decent innocent citizens along the way, to keep average citizens fearful of their surroundings.

I can keep going for pages here, but by now, you hopefully get the point…
The magician, conman, and politician, all share the same sleight-of-hand tricks to do their “magic,” using the exact same techniques. The average audience is none the wiser, usually enamored by the amazing display of talent in each case, and often willing to let the trick go by, rather than face the reality that the magic (con) just isn’t real.

Over many years now, I have finally come to accept the fact that most people believe whatever they want to believe, and facts or reality have nothing to do with it. People are more content in a comfortable set of lies, than in any uncomfortable set of truths. This is what allows our country and future to be destroyed by those lies.

When sleight-of-hand is used for entertainment, no harm, no foul. But when it’s used by conmen and politicians, often one in the same, it comes at great harm and expense. In the end, we will be bound by lies, or freed by truth. The choice is always ours…

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