Tom Bearden Delivers the Real Green New Deal

If you are not familiar with Colonel Tom Bearden, he is a pioneer/leader in free energy technologies. I have followed his work for over thirty years. His “fringe” physics is still yet to be fully understood and appreciated by the mainstream scientific community. But the proof is in the pudding and there are dozens of devices that apply his principles (and others’) and have demonstrated they get more energy out than is put in. See for yourself…check out…

Tom Bearden
As a reminder to the political class what the Green New Deal should really be about, we refer them to Tom Bearden’s list (partial at best) of energy producing devices that produce more energy than is input.  Most of these extract energy from the space all around us, the sea of energy in which the Earth floats.  This is known as Energy From the Vacuum™, and scientists have known for centuries that this contains a virtually inexhaustible supply of free energy.  Listed on the website below, are around 50 devices and processes that produce Energy From the Vacuum™.  Many of these can actually be self-powering while producing excess energy.  Also included are other lists of overunity devices and processes from reputable researchers.
To note, there are a large number of overunity device patents held at the US Patent Office that have been classified and are hidden from public view.  The following is according to researcher Patrick Kelly:

If you feel that this opposition to free-energy and related technology is a figment of my imagination and that the people who state that more than 40,000 free-energy device patents have already been suppressed, then please consider this extract from a 2006 reminder to Patent Office staff in America to single out all patents which have to do with free-energy and any related subjects and take those patent applications to their supervisor to be dealt with differently to all other patent applications:
Here ‘USPTO’ is the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which is a privately owned commercial company run to make money for its owners.

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