They Used to Call it Freedom

Read this fellow’s essay. He echoes my thoughts.

By J.B. Williams for News With Views

The 2020 coup d’état in the very divided United States, threatens freedom and liberty all over the world.

Trump’s “America first” policy was 100% appropriate and necessary for the United States and the hope of freedom all over the globe. But it meant death for the global communist One World Order folks, to include the U.S. Military industrial complex, the war for profit crowd, and that’s why every possible weapon was used to steal the United States, not from Trump, but from the American people.

There were no 2020 U.S. elections. There was only a kabuki theater version of elections in the U.S. in 2020. A pretend virtual election wherein the outcome was determined long before election day, and the scenes played out on TV screens as the world looked on, created a false impression of a legitimate election process, even as more than 10,000 Americans rushed to offer sworn testimony of massive fraud in numerous states.

Twice now, the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear any evidence at all. Sure, the global news outlets report it this way – “Supreme Court finds no evidence of election fraud” – when in fact, they simply refused to allow any evidence to be presented at all. They denied more than 80 million Americans their day in court, and scrapped any semblance of due process of law. They made sure that no thinking American would ever look to elections as a means of solving anything, ever again.

It’s no secret why the court failed so miserably to keep its’ oath to the American people. If you allow evidence to be presented in court, you will have to rule on that evidence.

If you are forced to find that the evidence is real and credible, then you will have to rule that the entire 2020 election process was rotten with massive fraud and that means, you will have to declare the election results “null and void.” At least six of the nine members of the court lack the decency, honor, and courage to do that, or the job they took a solemn oath to do, and they should all be forced to resign.

Even the most loyal liberals in the USA are beginning to figure out that they too, now live in a lawless penal colony run by anti-American globalists rapidly moving the nation to totalitarian rule by an unelected criminal regime, that intends to finish off our Constitutional Republic and usher in a global Marxist dictatorship.

The warning signs were screaming everywhere, as we headed into the 2020 election cycle. Bright flashing lights nearly blinded the nation, as a flood of advance warnings of massive fraud circulated daily headlines and consumed so much space on social media that the big media giants had to terminate millions of accounts in their criminal effort to bury the truth before, during, and after the elections.

Unlike the hundreds of violent and destructive riots by left-wing groups throughout 2020, the Trump rally in D.C. full of flag waving Americans was classified an “insurrection” by the criminals in power, marking the sudden final death of 1st Amendment Rights in the USA.

Next comes the open all-out assault on 2nd Amendment Rights, as the unlawful Biden/Harris regime ramp up their gun-grab agenda only hours after their fake inauguration. The 4th Amendment is wiped out by the courts granting everyone access to all of your personal information, including all of Trump’s past tax returns (or yours), not to mention the Biden/Harris effort to make it “legal” for law enforcement and military personnel to enter your home to seize your guns and ammo for no reason whatsoever.

The 5th Amendment is gone, because you are now deemed guilty unless you can prove beyond any doubt that you’re innocent, even if you are President of the United States.No matter how many times they charge you will the same crimes after acquittal,your prior tweets will be your only testimony.

Amendment 6, nope, no right to any trial and certainly not by a jury of your peers. You have the right to be convicted by the news media, confirmed by Snopes, and sentenced by The Southern Poverty Law Center now. Amendment 7, why have a jury when a judge can rule against you on their own, based on their political leanings. Facts…Like the facts the Supreme Court refuses to allow in its court?

Amendment 8? I don’t know about you, but $1000 fine with no trial for refusing to wear a mask seems pretty excessive and unlawful to me. Amendments IX and X… ask any modern-day lawyer and they will tell you that those were killed at the end of the Civil War.

Yes, we used to call it freedom, but now it’s called “right-wing extremism” and everyone who still believes in it, is an “insurrectionist.” And the band plays on, as the Titanic sinks.

Frankly, we deserve what we get…because we allowed it on our watch. But our kids and future generations will look back at us with utter disdain for what we did to them and so will the world, who once revered the USA not only for our grit and courage to demand our own freedom, but for freedom around the world for all mankind.

We used to call it freedom, but now, we are no better than every failed attempt at freedom that came before us. We learned nothing from their horror story…. Ignoring history dooms all of us to repeat it!

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