The Mind Control is Complete and Permanent

Here is an intriguing angle on where this fellow feels we are being pushed, in particular regards to the Covid plandemic…by media, by government, by outsiders, by pressure in general…I do not think he is far from the truth…see what you think…

By Dennis Kelly for News With Views

Have you ever seen such hysteria over a flu season?  I thought 2020 was bad but here we are 11 months later and deep into the 2021 season and the media is still pushing this Covid thing for all it’s worth!  There is no such thing as the flu.  It’s only Covid for everything.  It doesn’t seem to matter that with even just a little research one will find battalions of doctors, nurses and medical professionals refuting every statistic coming out of our Government and Main Stream Media (one in the same) pertaining to the transmission and lethality of this virus.  None of this seems to matter.  You can hit the masses in the face with truth, logic and shear common sense but if they have stared at that black screen for any length of time and contracted Cognitive Dissonance there is no hope for them, which is the real pandemic in our nation.  I think there are actually more idiots driving around alone in their vehicles wearing masks than there was 6 months ago.  You cannot save these fools and trying to may only cause more damage than it’s worth.  Perhaps we should encourage these people to be the first in line to get the experimental injection.  How many of you plan to get that injection?  I will not, nor will most of the people I associate with.

Again, with just a little bit of research you will quickly understand that there is something terribly wrong with these so called vaccines.  For your benefit I’ve attached a link to a very enlightening interview with a Dr. Lee Merrit here: ( In it she will discuss the virus as well as the experimental injection being pushed on the population which will open your eyes to what may really be taking place regarding this entire travesty and it is a travesty.  Oh, and have you heard about the new variant of this virus from the UK?  Apparently our little corona it has mutated and may very well make the current vaccines obsolete?  Well, get back in line for another round of vaccines and a whole new slew of lockdowns and travel regulations.And you thought we would get back to normal someday soon.  Anyone else see a pattern here?

A few weeks ago I watched a sermon from a Pastor whom will remain nameless where he told the following story:  A young man, perhaps in his mid-twenties walked into a restaurant where the Pastor was dining with his family.  The young man was wearing on his face a full blown military style gas mask!  He sat down took off his gas mask and ordered a meal.  After finishing his meal he put the gas mask back on his face, paid for the meal and walked out of the restaurant as if it was the most natural behavior one could do.  This act hardly drew the attention of a single diner including the waitress who was of course wearing a mask.  Is this what they meant by “Welcome to the new Normal”?  This is biblical my friends.  The world has been taken over by a reprobate mind.  See how easy it was?  It didn’t even take a year.

I asked another pastor friend of mine of mine who is also a resister, the following question.  When you are in a large Super Market doing your shopping and you find yourself to be the only one in the store without a mask, something is profoundly amiss, don’t you think?  He told me, he believes the mask is the precursor to the “Mark of the Beast” discussed in the Book of Revelations.  He stated you are looking at the people who will push each other out of the way to get the vaccine.

Indeed.  When the vaccines were becoming available a few weeks back, I took my dog to the local dog park to let her run free.  There were perhaps a dozen of older folks like myself doing the same.  The entire topic of discussion among them was how soon they could get signed up to be vaccinated and what date they were given to come in for this purely experimental inoculation. Oh, brother I thought.  The mind control is complete and permanent.

On a final positive note, where I live there is a large Super Store where you can shop for all your needs from groceries to sporting goods.  Fortunately they have a relaxed policy about wearing masks.  Yes, there are signs stating “Masks Required” but I’ve never been questioned.  I purchased a few $10 gift cards from this store as handouts to other awakened resisters.  The other day while I was shopping in the sea of lobotomized zombies, I noticed a little girl about three years old sitting in the shopping cart. Her dad was bent over examining something in the meat department.  She had the sweetest smile.  I looked directly at her and smiled and she beamed right back.  Her dad stood up and BINGO! No Mask!  I pushed my cart up and with a big smile handed him a $10 gift card and said, “Hey it’s nice to see another smiling face in here”.  This is the type of thing that makes a lasting impression.  Give it a try.

When you find yourself frustrated to the point of despair, watching this world come apart at the seams, asking yourself why has everyone lost their minds, why can’t they see what’s happening?  Open your bible and read Matthew Chapter 7 verses 13 – 14.

13Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

Be courageous, be diligent, use the mind that our Creator has given you.  Be the resistance.  Who is with me?

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