Russia’s Foreign Minister Defends President Donald Trump and Called His Impeachment Trial a Farce

Sometimes foreign nationals make much more sense than our foolish government officials.

Russian leaders are praising Trump more than most American political leaders.

By Jose Nino for Big League Politics

In an interview with journalist Vladimir Solovyov’s YouTube channel Solovyov Live, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had kind words for former President Donald Trump. In fact, Lavrov defended the former president and saw the recent attempt to convict Trump in the Senate as a complete farce.

When asked about Trump, Lavrov had this to say about him:

He is an outstanding person. I remember my two meetings with him, once when I was on a visit to Washington, and also the talks he had with President Vladimir Putin, which I attended.

Donald Trump is a remarkable politician acting from his own experience. Where there is benefit, everything must be done to maximise it; where there is no benefit, let things take their course.

With regards to the impeachment proceedings, Lavrov said the following:

“I am shocked by the impeachment proceedings. The charges brought against him… You can watch and listen to Trump’s video addresses again and again…”

Lavrov’s will not come as a surprise to avid followers of Big League Politics. In a previous occasion, the Russian Foreign Minister criticized Big Tech’s censorship over the last month, which saw Trump booted off Twitter. Big Tech’s power has had many international leaders worried.

They recognize the destabilization potential of allowing these companies to operate on their soil. In many regards, Big Tech serves as an arm of the liberal American Empire. 

All in all, it’s amusing to see leaders from a Great Power rival in Russia praise Trump more than elected officials in the U.S. Perhaps Russia is not the big bad the corporate press is making it out to be, and potentially, it could be used as a strategic partner to balance real threats like China.

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