Planned Parenthood Has An Evil Ugly Secret

From Kristan Hawkins and Students for Life comes this…

And it’s a secret they’ll do anything to cover up – especially with the racial unrest that’s ravaged our nation over the past few years.

Our national media won’t dare report on the skeletons in Planned Parenthood’s closet. And you and I both know the Abortion Goliath’s bought-and-paid-for political pals won’t dare to mention it either.

So, I’ll let Planned Parenthood’s Founder Margaret Sanger tell you that secret in her own words:

“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

The truth is, abortion is the number-one killer of black Americans.

In fact, according to the CDC, at least 117,626 innocent black preborn babies’ lives were ended by abortion in 2018 alone – far more than heart disease, cancer, HIV, diabetes, or any other cause.

And that was only in the states we could find reporting this data. It’s likely over 300,000!

Yet, those who profess to stand with black Americans seem to care far more about tearing down monuments to America’s past than stopping the killing of preborn black babies!

That’s why, during this Black History Month, Students for Life is doubling down on our programs to grow our presence on Historically Black Colleges and Universities and help shift the culture on these campuses to one that promotes Life.

I believe if we succeed in exposing the truth about abortion to black Americans, it could DESTROY the Abortion Lobby’s political power for years to come.

Last summer – as the media drove up racial tensions across the nation – our pro-life leaders were out exposing the TRUTH about abortion in the black community. A truth the national media and pro-abortion politicians have worked for decades to sweep under the rug.

In Baltimore, we painted “BLACK PREBORN LIVES MATTER” in bright yellow paint on the street right outside of the Planned Parenthood abortion facility.

In more than a dozen major cities nationwide – from Atlanta to Detroit and Philadelphia to Phoenix – we launched hard-hitting billboards with the simple message: “BLACK PREBORN LIVES MATTER – DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD!”

Boy, did that get under the skin of the Abortion Lobby and their bought-and-paid-for politicians who claim to support black lives!

When a group of our pro-life students showed up to peacefully demonstrate outside of the mega-Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Washington, D.C. – a city whose so-called “leaders” sanctioned the painting of a political message on city streets – we were “greeted” by six cop cars.

Then, two of our students were ARRESTED for simply writing life-affirming messages – in chalk – on the public sidewalk in front of the Planned Parenthood!

The political establishment in Washington, D.C. and their pals in the national media are working overtime to ensure black Americans vote the way the Abortion Lobby wants them to.

The sad truth is, it’s working. In fact, President Biden received about 90% support from black voters in 2020.

But this week, The Washington Post (no friend of pro-lifers) published a headline stating “Republicans came within 90,000 votes of controlling all of Washington.

Could you imagine the change in this nation if more of the Abortion Lobby’s pet politicians lost even a sliver of this support from black Americans? If it dropped to just 80%, or even 70%?

America would be immediately revolutionized politically.

That’s why I believe our efforts in growing our Students for Life groups on Historically Black Colleges and Universities is so critical.

If I can count on your financial support today, my goal is to start up to 10 new pro-life groups on Historically Black Colleges and Universities this semester.

Students for Life’s campus groups are the backbone of our organization because they:
•    Educate their peers about abortion
•    Expose Planned Parenthood’s lies
•    Help mothers in crisis through our Standing With You programs
•    And save babies!

With over 1,280 active pro-life groups across the nation – we know what it takes to start and grow a pro-life presence on college campuses.

But it also takes resources – resources we just don’t have lying around in our bank accounts right now.

After tallying up all the expenses – including staffing, educational materials, and banners – it costs about $1,900 to start a brand-new pro-life group on a campus.

But I also know that’s out of reach for many.

I’m not sure what you can afford, but I do hope you’ll be as generous as possible today.

Your support for Students for Life’s efforts to grow our presence on Historically Black College and University campuses couldn’t be more critical. With your support, I believe we can not only change our nation’s political landscape, but also change the culture for Life.

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