“BLOODSPORT!”: Trump Lawyer Goes Off On Democrats Over Sham Impeachment


by Clayton Keirns for Trending Politics

On Tuesday afternoon, Trump defense lawyer David Schoen went scorched earth on Democrats for using impeachment as a tool for revenge and treating it like “bloodsport”.

After the underwhelming performance of Trump’s first lawyer Bruce Castor, Schoen shined light on the sham impeachment that is underway in Washington D.C.

Among many things, Schoen argued that impeachment is not valid without removal.. And since President Trump is no longer in office, he cannot actually be “removed”.

He also blasted the Democrats for their theatrics after they played doctored video clips of the events that occurred on January 6th.

“They want to put you through a 16 hour presentation over 2 days focusing on this as if it was some sort of bloodsport. And to what end? For unity? For accountability? Not for any of those!,” he began.

“For surely there are much better ways to achieve each. It is again for pure, raw misguided partisanship that makes them believe playing to our worst instincts is good. They don’t need to show you movies to prove that the riot happened here. We will stipulate that it happened and you know all about it. This is a process fueled irresponsibly by base hatred by these house managers and those that gave them their charge, and they are willing to sacrifice our national character to advance their hatred and their fear that one day they might not be the party in power. They have a very different view of Democracy and Freedom,” he exclaimed.

Watch below:

At another point in his speech, Schoen added this:

“Going forward with this impeachment trial of a former president of the United States is unconstitutional…and, as a matter of policy, it is wrong as wrong can be, for all of us as a nation,”


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