Anti-Semite Ilhan Omar Urges Biden to Support Bringing Israeli Officials to Trial at International Criminal Court

This person is bad news. Bad news for America. A sworn anti-Semite. Unity, right? Is this what America needs? More hatred?

If she were a Republican, she would lose all of her committee assignments but since she is a sworn enemy to Israel, a country scorned by Democrats, nothing will happen to her. She now wants Biden to support bringing Israeli officials on trumped-up charges of war crimes probably for actions taken to defend themselves against Hamas. But, at least for now, it doesn’t look like Biden is going to back her up on this.

A Al-Araby TV (Qatar) host asked Omar.:

“Should the Biden administration support the referral of Israeli officials accused of committing war crimes to the ICC?”

Omar replied:

“I do (support this). It is also really important for us to remember that the international courts play an important role in rendering justice for people who are not getting justice within their borders. The U.S. should not delegitimize the ICC and the things it must do. And it is shocking that the legitimacy of the ICC is something that is being questioned. Their ability to investigate, probe, and render justice is being undermined here in the U.S.”

The host pressed Omar:

“Will you demand that the Biden administration and the State Department support the referral of Israel to the ICC?” VOTE NOW IN OUR 2020 PRESIDENTIAL POLL

Omar said:

“I have. This is an important call and we all must guarantee that the ICC remains an independent body. It is an international court that has the authority and the ability to investigate and render justice for people who are denied justice within their borders. No sovereign state should stop the ICC from doing what they should do.”

The host asked:

 “Do you support the removal of the Houthis from the terror list?”

Note: Iran is supporting the Houthi

Omar proclaimed:

“The last administration took a lot of actions, including the designation of certain groups as terrorists. We welcome this willingness from this administration to reverse course, cancel, these decisions, and restore some order and normalcy in regards to who belongs on that list.  It is definite that the genocide against the Uyghur Muslims in China is something that deserves serious attention from this administration. It also deserves the attention of every single person who is against the massive human rights violations in the world. 

The United States can play a huge role (in this regard). As you know, the U.S. played a huge role in regards to the Rwanda genocide, it played a huge role in regards to Bosnia, and even in World War II with the Holocaust. We have to look at this serious and devastating situation and do everything we can to hold the Chinese government accountable for this genocide that it taking place before our eyes.”

The thing the Israelis have to  worry about is if higher ups order Biden to press for the prosecution of the Israeli officials. They would not have a chance in the international court. You have seen how the UN treats Israel. They refuse to condemn the Hamas terrorists when they fire missiles into Israel. But they will condemn Israel if they strike back.

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