A Nation-Destroying Presidency

The (evil) power that fundamentally transformed the nation for eight years is back.



The Devil’s Queer and the Zombie Impostor

Barack Obama was the most transformative leader in American history. Before he took office in 2008, he said he was just “days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Americans couldn’t have imagined what he actually meant.

Sadly, America had already been drifting from its “fundamentals”: limited representative government, checks and balances, separation of powers, popular sovereignty, constitutional republicanism, rule of law. Even more fundamentally, it has drifted from its Judeo-Christian foundations, and its reliance on individual morality as defined by biblical principles. Yet for eight years in the White House, President Obama gave that drift a hard shove. He fundamentally changed America’s relationships with its allies, its relationships with its enemies; its leaders in the executive branch, in the judiciary, in the military; its role in the free market and private enterprise; its expenditure of trillions of dollars; its control of health care; its lack of control at its borders; its morality, its definition of marriage; its surveillance of the nation’s citizens and their representatives, of candidates, of journalists, of everything.

While the name, flag, lip service and everyday life in this country remained mostly unchanged, Barack Obama and his cabal were at work. As members of his administration said, he would “resist smaller incremental politics to do big transformational things.” He put the “history books ahead of the news cycles.” His presidency held America’s founders in contempt, and worked to transform it from being a constitutional republic with a biblical history into something fundamentally different.

Incidentally, many of Obama’s staffers are now Biden’s staffers.

Shortly after President Obama was elected to his second term, my father wrote a startling booklet with a startling title: America Under Attack. It revealed that Barack Obama was inspired by the same spirit that empowered the ancient king Antiochus Epiphanes. Ruler of the Seleucid Empire in the second century b.c., Antiochus came to power duplicitously, betrayed the people of Judah (who were subjects of his kingdom), slaughtered many of them, defiled the temple in Jerusalem with an idol of himself, and attempted to fundamentally transform Jewishness itself. (Read our article “Who Was Antiochus Epiphanes.”)

As that booklet reveals, the real power behind this political “Antiochus” is the number one enemy of America, Satan the devil. America is the recipient of choice blessings from God (read our free book The United States and Britain in Prophecy for a full explanation), and Satan hates that and is working to undercut it. And because of our national sins, God is allowing those blessings to be replaced by curses. Eight years of rule by a president actively undermining the nation was a terrible curse.

God temporarily checked that destructive force with the presidency of Donald Trump (article). However, it did not stop entirely. Mr. Obama quietly supported and almost certainly led a campaign to subvert President Trump for all four years of his term—then engineered a fraudulent election to ensure he wouldn’t get a second term!

Now Mr. Obama’s own former vice president has been inaugurated and installed in power. And many can see that Obama, who holds no official government position, is directing him from the shadows, working to destroy as much of President Trump’s work as possible, and to return to his own Antiochus policies.

Executive Decrees

Perhaps the clearest example is President Biden’s signing of dozens of executive actions. This comes weeks after he said on national television just before the election, “I have this strange notion: We are a democracy. Some of my Republican friends and some of my Democratic friends even occasionally say, ‘Well, if you can’t get the votes, [then] by executive order, you’re going to do something.’ [Some] things you can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator. We’re a democracy.”

Biden then began signing an unprecedented number of executive orders, as well as proclamations, memorandums and other executive actions on his first afternoon in office. He has already signed more executive orders than 15 presidents signed during their entire presidencies (infographic).

Executive actions are not always dictatorial. They exist so that a president can order employees in the executive branch to execute laws passed by Congress. But Biden’s orders are not minor administrative issues—they are enacting new laws and policies by executive decree. He is doing things “you can’t do by executive order unless you’re a dictator.” And he is doing it this way precisely because he “can’t get the votes” from the people’s representatives.

These orders are “fundamentally transforming” what it means to be American. They force through the agenda of destroying what’s left of the Constitution and what America used to be. They condition Americans’ minds to accept the presidency as a dictatorship. They replace the supreme law of the land with the supreme leader of the land—and that leader’s attitude is that he is the law.

This is the same spirit Antiochus had.

Unpopular Sovereignty

During his first afternoon in the White House on January 20, Biden reinstated an Obama-era executive order allowing illegal aliens to stay in America if they arrived here as children. He ordered workers to halt construction of the border wall at the United States-Mexico border that President Trump had championed. Perhaps the two most fundamental aspects of sovereignty are a) inhabitants and b) borders. But the shadow Obama-Biden administration has ordered an end to “harsh and extreme immigration enforcement.”

The president’s fundamental job is to enforce the laws, immigration and otherwise, passed by the people through their representatives in Congress. But not enough voters, whose representatives fill Congress, want to erase America’s borders. So Joe Biden has been a fast convert to “by executive order, you’re going to do something.”

Mr. Biden also ordered the federal government to re-engage with the World Health Organization, despite the fact that this globalist institution helped Communist China cover up the origins of covid-19. He has ordered the federal government to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, which mandates that America send money to socialist, Marxist-type governments around the world. Both of these measures also harm America’s national sovereignty.

Biden also blocked new oil- and gas-leasing on federal lands and waters. The American Petroleum Institute estimates this ban will result in 1 million job losses by 2022. He unilaterally revoked the permit for building the Keystone XL pipeline, immediately eliminating 11,000 well-paying jobs. These moves sabotage America’s quest for energy independence, harm its ally Canada, and make the nation more subject to the geopolitical maneuvering of Arab states and other nations. Ironically, the Keystone XL ban may also hurt the environment, since transporting oil by pipeline is significantly safer than transporting it by railroads or highways.

These orders provide no benefits to American sovereignty. They only destroy the country by forcing policies that even America’s left-leaning representatives are too moderate to vote into law.

Immoral Minority

By executive actions and other means, the federal government is assaulting not only how America is governed but what it is and has been. It has particularly targeted what remains of America’s biblical heritage. The shadow Obama-Biden administration is attempting to blot out what is left of God’s influence on this country.

Immediately after taking office, Biden ordered the government to delete the Trump administration’s “1776 Project.” This report, directed by Hillsdale College President Larry Arnn, aimed to restore honesty to the teaching of American history and to show children that the defining fact of America’s founding was not the evil of slavery, but the ideal of freedom. The America-is-racist theme of Obama’s two terms is coming back fast.

Joe Biden is Catholic. The media characterize him as devout in his faith. Yet he quickly issued an executive order reversing a ban on federal funds going to international aid groups that perform abortions. This means American taxpayer money is funding not only the killing of 800,000 American babies per year, but abortions around the world.

Biden also repealed a ban on transgender people joining the military and issued a directive to “combat discrimination” on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. This first order will hurt national security by allowing the mentally ill onto the battlefield, while the second order will allow boys who say they are girls to compete in girls’ sports and use girls’ restrooms and locker rooms (and vice versa).

These orders are plunging us into an unprecedented future—a radical future in which we must destroy our own economy, aid enemy nations, purport that America was founded on hate, and pretend that a man is a woman.

Empowering Enemies

The Biden administration quickly began insulting many U.S. allies and empowering U.S. enemies.

Like Barack Obama, Joe Biden began his presidency by pointedly removing a bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office. While he sits at the Resolute Desk signing executive orders, the bust now behind him is of Cesar Chavez, a severe, domineering socialist disciple of Saul Alinsky. An anonymous Biden adviser has told the Telegraph that a U.S.-UK trade deal is low on Biden’s list of priorities.

In 2009, Obama’s first presidential call to a foreign leader, a symbolic gesture, was to Mahmoud Abbas, the leader of the Palestinian Fatah party, who not only leads a faction directly connected to terrorism but who is connected to the 1972 massacre of Israeli athletes at the Olympics in Munich. During his administration, Obama repeatedly insulted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Most horrifically, he brokered the 2015 Iran nuclear deal that threatened the very existence of the Jewish state.

President Trump did the opposite. He strengthened the U.S.-Israel friendship. He withdrew the U.S. from the Iran nuclear deal. He moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. He facilitated several agreements between Arab states and Israel. Now, Biden has promised to reestablish the ties with the Palestinians that President Trump cut, and he promised Iran “a credible path back to diplomacy,” which threatens the existence of Israel and Israelis, and hurts America’s relations with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, who are trying to withstand Iran.

Meanwhile, Poland is apprehensive about a Biden administration because Biden’s former boss, President Obama, scrapped the Ballistic Missile Defense System meant to protect Poland and all of Eastern Europe from Russia. Cuba is elated about a Biden administration because Obama restored diplomatic ties between the U.S. and the Communist island country and removed it from the official U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism, adding another channel through which America’s enemies can work.

Chinese leaders are probably particularly happy that Joe Biden is in the White House. Speaking at a Nov. 28, 2020, event hosted by the Chinese nationalistic website Guan Video, Prof. Di Dongsheng said that China’s “old friends” in the “traditional elite, the political elite, the establishment” were coming back now that Biden was named the winner of the election. He even implied that China helped Biden’s son get lucrative Chinese business contracts.

Political analyst Lee Smith uses the term “America’s China Class” to describe a swath of elites beholden in one way or another to Chinese money and influence. The Biden family is definitely part of this class and, like Di, are eager to clear the obstacles to relations with China, despite the fact that this hurts America’s interests and makes it even more vulnerable to the most formidable rising power on the planet.

Not Free, Not Fair

Joe Biden and Barack Obama are implementing these and other measures at a rapid pace. With the help of other Democrats, they are doubling down on the illegal, immoral, treasonous process that brought Biden into the White House. Stealing the 2020 election was successful—but in their view, too difficult. A new law would make it much easier.

Radical Democrats in Congress want to make sure their party will continue to rule for centuries. They are trying to pass H.R. 1, which they call the “For the People Act.” This is one of the most extreme and lawless voter reform bills in history!

To call the H.R. 1 bill unconstitutional would be an egregious understatement. The U.S. Constitution states, “Each state shall appoint, in such manner as the legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors, equal to the whole number of senators and representatives to which the state may be entitled in the Congress.” This guarantees each state the right to set election standards, not the federal government.

The For the People Act overhauls the entire electoral system by requiring states to make Internet-only voting registration with electronic signature registration available to all eligible voters so people can register to vote without leaving their homes. This is an obvious invitation for people to falsify names and commit electronic voter registration fraud. The bill bans the requirement to provide a full Social Security number for voter registration. Not having to provide proof that you are eligible to vote, that you are alive or that you are real will make it easier for not just illegal aliens and felons to vote but also for people to use the identities of dead people and fictitious people to multiply their votes. You can be sure these votes will all favor Democrats.

The bill also mandates that states require motor vehicle registration offices to provide voter registration services. These policies are a primary reason illegal aliens in California and Nevada have been able to vote. The bill mandates also that 16-year-olds and convicted felons be allowed to vote. It prohibits states from even trying to purge their voter rolls of foreign nationals, who the Constitution says are ineligible to vote. It mandates same-day voter registration, mandatory early voting, nationwide availability of mail-in ballots, and unlimited ballot harvesting.

These rules would produce the antithesis of “free and fair” elections. America and other first-world nations send monitors to elections held by other nations to ensure that national leaders don’t interfere with eligible voters’ right to vote. Yet look at what this bill would do to America’s own elections!

Unity, or Else

Barack Obama ran on a promise that he was in a unique position to unite the nation racially and otherwise. He then intentionally exacerbated racially charged situations. He also massively expanded governmental surveillance of American citizens and even members of the government.

Biden’s administration is encouraging a whole new level of technological control of Americans. In fact, it exists because of it.

Communist dictators would be proud of Joe Biden’s plan to “unite Americans” in his new socialist nation. It does not include working together with the 75 million Trump voters. Rather it involves muzzling them from being heard.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have all banned claims of election fraud to one extent or another. For Mozilla—maker of Firefox, one of the most popular Web browsers—even these stringent measures are not enough. The company’s chief executive officer said President Trump and his supporters must be monitored throughout the entire Internet—essentially tracked like Islamic State terrorists in a new war on terror.

On January 20, the Central Intelligence Agency’s director under the Obama administration, John Brennan, told msnbc that Biden’s intelligence agencies “are moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about” the pro-Trump “insurgency” that harbors “religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians.” Brennan is talking about a lot more people than the few dozen who breached the Capitol.

Even former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has warned, “The John Brennans, Adam Schiffs and the oligarchs in Big Tech who are trying to undermine our constitutionally protected rights and turn our country into a police state with kgb-style surveillance are also domestic enemies and much more powerful and therefore dangerous than the mob that stormed the Capitol” (emphasis added).

These people are moving to forcibly transform America into an authoritarian state. The only way this is “unifying” is that it eliminates dissent, leaving only the acolytes, the compliant and the fearful.

Unconstitutional gun control measures were a hallmark of the Obama administration. In America Under Attack, my father notes how Barack Obama was using executive action to impose unconstitutional restrictions on firearms at the same time that he was heavily arming the Department of Homeland Security and other executive agencies. “Why does the government need to be so heavily armed but not the people?” my father writes. “This government is showing its tendency more and more to force its will on the public. … Even though the administration had promised to always be transparent, it made all its decisions behind closed doors, and assured us, Don’t worry—we’ll take care of it. We know what’s good for you.” That chilling statement gets to the heart of the issue!

Now, Biden also plans to destroy the U.S. firearms industry by repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. This would open up firearm manufacturers and sellers to potential civil liability every time a criminal misuses a firearm they produced or sold. Expect more government-empowering, citizen-crippling measures in the future.

Obama, Biden and the entire radical-left faction are resuming their attempt to hijack the federal government for the purpose of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America”—by brute force.

Truth Cast Down

Mr. Obama is destroying the very country he was born into and that twice elected him to be its president. This is an Antiochus spirit! America Under Attack explains that there is more than one prophesied Antiochus. There is a spiritual Antiochus who “cast down the truth to the ground” inside God’s Church. There is also a political Antiochus who cast truth down in America. And prophecy shows yet another, foreign Antiochus to come, who will attack America from the outside.

Perhaps the clearest description in prophecy of the work of an Antiochus appears in Daniel 8:9-12. There, in biblical symbol, it speaks of an evil spiritual force to whom “an host was given … by reason of transgression [that is, God permits this because of the sins of the people], and it cast down the truth to the ground; and it practised, and prospered.” Strong’s Concordance defines “host” as a mass of persons, especially one organized for war—an army. It can refer to an army of demons, angels or men. Here it refers to demons and evil men who help cast truth to the ground. In Barack Obama’s case, this host includes deep state bureaucrats, intelligence agents, military leaders, radical congressmen, media moguls, tech entrepreneurs, Wall Street financiers, and even foreign spies.

As my father explained in his article “Who Is the Modern-Day Jeroboam?” President Trump is a type of King Jeroboam ii, whom Bible prophecy says God will yet use to stop those trying to blot out America. God is going to use him to save the nation—but only temporarily.

In the meantime, though, we are getting a clear look at Antiochus’s agenda. Radical leftists have taken off the mask, and God is exposing their full corruption. When people do not deeply love truth, they eventually come to believe lies (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12). The radical assault on America’s Bible heritage is so extreme that if God did not step in to save America from the radical left temporarily, they would be able to “legally” rig every election for the foreseeable future, until elections become a joke or an artifact of history.

The battle for America’s future is a spiritual one. The forces levied against the nation are achieving alarming success “because of transgression”—because of the sins and spiritual rebellion of the people. Leftists are looking to secure their power indefinitely, and have to feel confident, given recent events. What they don’t realize is that God is correcting America—and this correction is going to grow far more severe! Even after President Trump returns to office and there is another revival of sorts, unless America repents and turns to God, the nation’s ultimate fate is set. Bible prophecy shows that these forces working against the nation are weakening it to the point that it will be brought down by enemy nations! Only after unimaginably harsh chastening will America finally come to know God. Only then will God be able to save the nation permanently!

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