A Tale of Donald and Mitch

There was once a frog and a scorpion.

The frog and the scorpion appeared on the bank of a river about
the same time and the frog was about to jump in the river and
swim to the other side.

And along comes the scorpion and he sees the frog was about
to jump in the river and he engages the frog in conversation.

THE SCORPION ASKED: Hello Mr. Frog. I see that you’re about to jump
in the river and swim to the other side.

THE FROG SAID: Yes! You are correct.

THE SCORPION SAID: I would like to get to the other side but
unfortunately I’m a scorpion and I can’t swim. Would you be kind enough
to give me a ride across the river?

THE FROG SAID: No way. If I help you, all I may get is a deadly sting for
my troubles.

THE SCORPION SAID: No, Mr. Froggy, I won’t. I need to get to the other side
of the river and you are my only option. If I kill you then I won’t be able to get across.

THE FROG SAID: How can I be sure you won’t sting me when we are in the
middle of the river?

THE SCORPION SAID: Why would I do that when I can’t swim? If I were to
sting you while we’re crossing then I would drown too.

THE FROG SAID: You could sting me when we get to the other side of the river.

THE SCORPION SAID: Then how will I cross the river and return home when I
am finished with my task on the other side?

I am relying on you to help me reach my destination and return home safely.

At last, the scorpion was able to convince the frog and the frog allowed the
scorpion to hop onto his back and cross the river.

They started crossing the river and soon both of them were in the middle of the
river and guess what? The scorpion stings the frog.

The Frog cannot believe what happened and he says to the scorpion,
“Why did you do that? You said that you would not sting me. I’m about to die and
so you too will drown and die.

THE SCORPION REPLIED: Because I am a scorpion; it’s my nature.
I cannot resist myself hurting you.

Both of them drowned and died.

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