The CDC Lied To The American People In A Huge Way

The Center For Disease Control changed Covid-19 criteria in order to inflate the death toll and to secure funding, but just how much did they cook the books?

As a couple of the commenters said…


“Anyone notice how some states – CA, NM, MI are starting to open up the schools and businesses?

Wonder if it has anything to do with the imposter in the WH? And yet, the Chinese virus rages on with more mutations of the original coming out.

Now that the swamp and their minions (including the CDC) have used the Chi-Com virus to scare the crap out of everyone, they are telling us it’s OK to come out of your basement now. Everything’s OK.

Just like President Trump said, the cure is worse than the disease, but the REAL DISEASE is the liberals running our Country now. They are the disease that need to be eradicated.”


“As another data point supporting this…..did ANYONE notice?…and did ANY press report on this?…..that the massive death toll we all suffer EVERY YEAR due to the normal flu, like 40,000 – 60,000 in US……. and 200,000-600,000 worldwide, MAGICALLY dropped to ZERO, or nearly zero in 2020 for US stats ? Wow, amazing work, medical community. OR …. are these deaths simply shoved over to the “Covid column” ?????….. You’re right, those b_stards.”

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