Here’s A List Of All The Companies That Have Banned President Trump

Do with them as you see fit…

  • Twitter (permanently banned the President for violating their terms and policies pertaining to “inciting violence”)
  • Facebook: (President Trump has been banned for two weeks from Facebook but according to a s spokesperson from the company his ban could last longer).
  • Shopify: (Took down two online stores affiliated with the Trump campaign)
  • Reddit: (Has taken down the subreddit group “Donald Trump”)
  • Twitch: (the live stream service has banned Trump to “protect the Twitch community” what a joke right?)
  • Instagram: (Has suspended Trump for two weeks but could lead to more)
  • Youtube: (suspended Trump for 7 days and have deleted some of his videos)
  • Google, Apple and Amazon: (Apple and Google banned Parler from their app store and Amazon  banned Parler from their servers)
  • Snapchat: (Snapchat disabled Trump’s Snapchat account )
  • Pinterest: (disallowed pro-Trump hashtags for a while now)
  • Stripe: (Stripe will no longer process payments for President Trump’s campaign)
  • Spotify: (the music and podcast streaming app banned Trump from having an account)
  • PGA: (The golfing league banned Trump’s course from being used in the 2022 championship)
  • Deutsche Bank: (The German bank stated they will no longer offer their services to Trump)
  • Signature Bank:(The US Bank said it will no longer do business with President Trump)
  • New York City Contracts: (New York City will cancel business contracts with President Donald Trump, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday)

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