I want to apologize to all my friends.

I never thought we would see the day
where our country would stoop so low
as to inaugurate a corrupt, cheating,
criminal zombie and an admitted
adulteress and baby-killer supporter.

I was wrong to underestimate the evil
that pervades our country and was wrong
to overestimate the people who predicted
and supported otherwise.

If you believed me, again, I apologize.

If you support the cheating and fraud,
then YOU are a cheater and a fraud.
I have no place for you in my life, except
that I pray you figure out your evil ways
and come to understand your Creator
and His plan for all of us.

May the Lord have mercy on your souls.

And just so you know, the Lord is STILL
in control…His judgment is coming and
it appears America has been found wanting…

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