How To Discern — From David

We need revival repentance in this country.

Throughout the Bible, God would deliver and restore Israel when they repented as a nation of all their idolatry and evil, and even though God loved them and restored them, they were punished.

They had to pay the price.

Think of America killing babies, devaluing life, worshiping celebrities, money, possessions, affluence, God’s got to be just about done.

God will hold all the perpetrators responsible for undermining our country. If not in this life, then the next. The underlying root is satanic.

As I’ve said before, you need the Holy Spirit to see what’s happening, that is, the contrast between the Lord’s Kingdom of love, power, majesty, glory, righteousness and holiness, in contrast with the world’s system.

Most of the antics that we see the radical left perpetrating are so obvious to us, but only with the Holy Spirit can you see things right and gain true wisdom. The world can’t understand unless they turn to Jesus.

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