Thursday Chanukah Rant

NONE of you reading this can ever claim you weren’t told, you weren’t warned.

There is so much evidence regarding the negative events that are plaguing our world. If you choose to ignore such evidence, the guilt for doing so rests solely on your shoulders. Do not just blithely deny, do not become the foolish ostrich.

And I do not need you to just believe me. Who I am does not matter at all.
I have shown you expert after expert who know far more than you or I regarding such things. And you can do your own homework; and please do.

You have been told about the bogus “pandemic,” the nasty, untested poison
“vaccine,” the twisted, illogical, uneven lockdown strategies, the worthlessness of masks (even printed so on the box!), the amazingly obvious voter frauds (with the 130,000+ one-sided vote dumps in the middle of the night), partisan lies upon lies (from both parties), the world-changing human enslavement called the Great Reset, UFO contacts, and so, so, so much more…

And, AND, most important of all, by far, you have been told about the divine
message in the Holy Bible…and if you pay absolutely no attention to the issues of the day, pay attention to this: There is no book on Earth like the Holy Bible. Read it, learn it, know what is in there, for that will save you, that will set you free.

That is the REAL truth. You have been told. The rest is up to you now. But time is short, friends. No games, no I told you so. Do it for yourself and your loved ones.

Lord willing you heed my little message today. Chappy Chanukah.

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