Square Waves in the Ocean?

The Isle of Rhe, France, is a popular tourist destination because people get to witness the power and beauty of nature. The island has a width of three miles and length of 19 miles. The pattern that the waves make near this island attracts tourists from all over the world.

When you take a look at the waves, you will observe a chess-like pattern on the surface. As the pattern looks mesmerizing, all the tourists go on top of the lighthouse to get a proper view of the sea. The reason why these patterns form is due to the intersection of two seas near the island.

Known as the cross sea, the weather patterns of the two seas leads to the formation of this incredible design.

Although it looks stunning, it is quite dangerous to be on the cross sea as the riptide is extremely powerful. As a result of this, it can put people in danger as they have never experienced anything like it. Thankfully, the waters are safe most of the time as the weather doesn’t always lead to the formation of the cross sea.

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