When You Get Cheated…

You know, people who know me, know I played competitive men’s softball for about twenty-five years, well over 500 games.

And though we usually won, there were times my team lost. If you were outplayed, outhit, or if it just wasn’t your day, oh well, you lick your wounds and come back the next game.

I do not like losing; no one does. But I do not ever recall being cheated. The closest one gets to that is when an umpire misses a crucial call, but that isn’t cheating, it’s comparative incompetence.

When you get cheated, and it is safe to say we all have been cheated, out of a job, out of a promotion, out of something you feel you earned or deserved, cheated on by a trusted lover or friend, or even a stupid traffic ticket, it leaves you with an empty helpless feeling, especially if you have no recourse.

This feeling is far worse than losing and makes one angry. May you never experience any more of that in your life.

At this point, the president does indeed have recourse. And I hope that he is successful in demonstrating the cheating and that the integrity of the American election process is restored.

God help us all if he is not.

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