Post-Election Rant -part 1

Like has been stated online, it is nearly incomprehensible
how such a brainless, pandering, corrupt, unpopular,
racist do-nothing as Joke Biden could possibly have
garnered that many votes on his own.

The guy had twenty people at his rallies, and half of
them were media and staff, while the president was
filling stadiums. So when we look at the numbers,
we look at each other and say “What The F**k?”

We have been saying for a while, amongst my friends,
that this election was between president Trump and
Anyone-But-Trump. At least I can understand that.
There will always be haters.

But since my mind has not been poisoned by mainstream
media (as we do not watch TV), I am not fully aware
of the depth of the character assassination employed by them.

Am I being naive, or have those media sources been that
purposely erroneous and deceptive as to make this Joke Biden
character out to be something that he totally is not?
Or has election cheating become so widespread that it is
too big to be called lies?

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