Black Friday Rant

From what I can tell, the plandemic has been a well-orchestrated scam to be used as a vehicle to further enslave an acquiescent population scared of their own shadows.

From socialist distancing (for better facial recognition) to muzzle-wearing (to further exacerbate the fear) to the shutting down of small businesses (to enrich the few, reduce local resources and cause dependence on government) to the endless ridiculous finger-pointing (China virus, Fauci virus, BS virus, Trump virus, etc.) to the incredibly poisonous Gates vaccine (don’t you dare take it!) to the propagandizing bombardment by the mouthpiece mainstream media to the widespread election fraud to phony science and reporting of “data,” to the suppression of thousands of real scientists and doctors who know the truth, we have been fed a megadose of absolute fabricated bull manure.

No wonder they call it a “newsfeed.” Pravda would be proud.

We have all been lied to about this and soooo many other important topics.

And though president Trump will be re-elected, even then we will only have been granted a short reprieve.

BUT do not fear. He, who sees all, knows all, and is on top of all of it, will soon return to claim His and destroy the evil pervading our world. Such was foretold long ago. Do not fear!

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