Hal Lindsey Presents

November 13th, 2020

The Bible gives us the key to understanding the crazy things happening in our world. Across the continents, people wring their hands in despair. But we don’t have to be in despair. If you want to know why things are happening in such strange ways, look at what the Bible says is about to happen – “The Coming of the Last World Superpower.” That’s the title of our present series, continuing this week on Hal Lindsey Presents.

We will look at the harlot of Babylon, the religious system centered in Rome, the city of the seven hills. This study will also look at the Antichrist and his relationship with the woman. Eventually, he will destroy her, but in the beginning of the tribulation period they work together.

The woman will be a counterfeit form of Christianity. She will be responsible for the martyrdom of many. The Bible describes her holding a cup dripping with the blood of tribulation saints. She is tied to the city of Rome, and is a mystery form of Roman power ongoing since the fall of political Rome.

Those who are in Christ today will not be on earth for these events. Nevertheless, they are important for us to understand. For one thing, they again prove the Bible’s trustworthiness. The world the Bible describes at the time just before Jesus returns is rapidly taking shape right now – before our eyes! No human could have guessed these things. But God knew, and the Bible is God-breathed. Also, it’s crucial for Christians today to understand what’s really going on.

“The Coming of the Last World Superpower” on this week’s Hal Lindsey Presents will help you make sense of these perilous and rapidly changing times. And it will remind you that, through it all, God remains in control.

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