Open Letter to All

I just sent this letter out to well over 4,000 recipients…to every single email contact I have amassed over the past twenty-five or thirty years…here is the letter…

10/2/20 — QUICK ADDENDUM — Google has now restricted my address for “spamming.” Read the letter and decide if it is spam or not.

October 1, 2020


This is Jeff Berkeley, from southern California. Hope this finds you well. This is an open letter to all.

Let me apologize right up front for invading your privacy. I will never do it again. Please do not be angry with me.

(Before I begin — I am changing my primary email address to:
I have had enough of AOL raising their prices and unwanted pontification and will be closing my account on November 1, 2020.)

I mean you absolutely no harm. I have no agenda here. I am not selling a thing. And who I am doesn’t matter either.

Whether you are family, friend, foe, colleague, ex-colleague, ex-student, acquaintance, or whomever, it doesn’t matter.

I have sent this email to EVERYONE I have email addresses for…if you got more than one, again, I apologize.

I am now retired, now 65 years old, and I feel obligated to do this. Just as a fellow human being, that’s all, and just this once.

As everyone knows, we are in perilous times. The world as we know it is at a crossroads, especially here in America.

It is my opinion that you are being lied to at almost every turn, be it about politics, energy, health, money, science, technology, drugs, gender, race, history, religion, current events, and so forth. In my opinion, a good bit of what you were taught in school is just not true either.

Please, I beg of you, do your very best to see through what you are being told. Most of the public voices have very little concern for your welfare. You and I are totally being played. Totally. See through that. You must or you will fall prey to it.

Have you been angry at long-time friends because of their politics lately? Have you turned a family member off because of their mask wearing or not? Do you get angry over the nightly news? Have you become more racist than ever before? Have recent economic conditions stressed you out? Not allowed to go to church or temple or mosque? Even to the gym? Having trouble understanding the madness? Who is to blame for the whole Covid situation? Not sure who or what to believe any more?

See what I mean? We are being separated, angered, isolated. On purpose.

When someone tells you something, think: 1) What are they telling me? 2) What is their motivation for doing so? 3) Do they love me? Think carefully on these before replying or taking action. Then consider the consequences of such action.

For free, I offer whatever wisdom I have gathered and I merely wish to share. I want nothing from you. Really. I am selling nothing.

To me, there is only one real truth. But I do not wish to proselytize today. Hopefully you know of that already.

But aside from any belief in a Supreme Being, let me offer this: It appears all things, ideas and policies that integrate and put people and things together and create are inherently positive. Those that separate, isolate and destroy are inherently negative.

One day perhaps, ideally, we will all be united as People of Earth, so the sooner we get it together the better. Doesn’t that make simple sense? On that single basis alone, one can come to some conclusions as to positive and negative forces now extant in our country and in the world that will hopefully aid your solid decision making in the days ahead.

Please gather up your very best wisdom and make the best choices you can for yourself, your family, and your country. Be prudent and prepare for the worst, and be thankful if the worst should not come to pass.

But strive to not be deceived. Please. And do not fear. Do not fear. As for me, I believe Infinite Good wins in the end. I hope you do too.

I would say I send this letter to you out of love, but I know how silly and insincere that sounds. Let’s just say I love living in a fine world, am daily grateful to have had a terrific life, and wish it to get better and better. I want the same for everyone. Don’t you?

Let’s all do what we can to make this a better place for our children.

Very sincerely yours,

Jeff Berkeley, M.S.
Sherman Oaks, CA

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