Media Rant

When we were young, we could turn on the
television news, whether CBS, NBC, or ABC, and say,
“Let’s see what is happening in the world.”

I did, you did, we all did. We had Walter Cronkite,
Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, Paul Harvey, Edward
R. Murrow and other real journalists we could trust.

Alas, that is NOT the way of the world any longer.
The meganetworks have been totally compromised
and are polluted by group-spoken propaganda
promulgated by a large organization of globalists.

Too many media whores have been sucked in, have
been threatened to “do their job or else,” and have
been browbeaten into convincing and brainwashing
themselves and the TV-watching public into believing
the Orwellian double-speak the oligarchs want them
to regurgitate.

Their “news” is scripted. They all say the same thing.
You can verify this is happening via the internet, maybe
the last bastion of real free speech on the planet.

This is true. Believe it or not. If you buy what you are
being fed by the networks, you are being poisoned.
It is no surprise that it is called “newsfeed.”

Break away! Do not buy what they or the corrupted
social media pigs have to vomit at you. FakeBook,
Twits-R-Us, Instascam, Spewify, and Gargle will all
go down, whether at Man’s hand or higher.

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