Big Picture?

The mainstream media is merely a pawn of a much larger organization that wants to remove any obstacle standing in the way of their plans for world domination. Whether people like him or not does not really matter. President Trump is the single greatest obstacle standing in their way.

That is the big picture, as far as humans are involved.

What I think these fools miss is that there is a much Higher power that will completely dash their plans and utterly destroy those entities responsible for their evil and reprehensible behaviors, including late-term abortions, child trafficking, pedophilia, genocides, diseases, real and imagined, and other very nasty unGodly acts promulgated by the current elite.

Satan knows he only has a short time left, so he and his minions are getting desperate. I think president Trump (Trump + Pence = Trumpets!) is the man the Lord has chosen to give us some reprieve, to “drain the swamp,” to give us one last chance to overthrow the yoke of the globalist oligarchy.

After that, Lord help us.

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