Observations on Presidential Debate #1

I have been an independent for about forty years. I am not a huge fan of president Trump, but much less so a fan of the new radical Democrats.

Let me offer some observations.

1) There were a few occasions when I felt the debate was two against one. The bias by the moderator was pretty clear to me.

2) The questions were slanted to the left. (Racial sensitivity training? Asking the president about the ultra-right, but not asking VP Biden about the ultra-left, the bailing out of criminal
elements by the democrats, asking about Trump’s money but not about about Biden’s money, etc.)

3) I thought president Trump missed some opportunities, like recalling his very recent executive order against the KKK et al., the VP’s flip-flopping on fracking when energy was brought up, etc.

4) I think two minutes to state your case and one minute for rebuttal is better than an open free-for-all where the moderator controls the mike is a wiser format.

5) If I were president Trump, I would do at least a few of these things:

a) I would connect better with the camera and the people. Reaching out personally is effective for some voters. I thought VP Biden did that well even if he lies through his teeth.

b) Explain what it is like to be confronted with a lying career politician and a heavily-biased MSM and ask them how they would feel and how they would react.

c) Urge the watching public to support all Republicans and oust those in the Democrat party who have seen their party hijacked by radical anti-Americans. (There is nothing wrong with liberalism; I think it is healthy and important to discuss things agreeably.)

d) Remind everyone that American politics had been dysfunctional for decades, due to career do-nothing politicians like Biden. Remind the public that is one main reason he was elected in the first place.

e) Remind everyone that he fulfilled his promises; ones he made during his run for the presidency and how truly rare that is. Just list all of his accomplishments.

f) Ask his opponent to delineate any of the bills he wrote in his 47 years in the Senate.

g) Ask Biden some simple pointed questions: Do you support Antifa? Do you support BLM? Do you support abortion? Do you support packing the Supreme Court? (There are others.)

h) Accentuate the positive; stay above the childish name-calling his opponent seems to be fond of doing.


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