Ten Observations

Ten observations supporting the premise that our world has gone mad:

1) Amazon is selling a Blue Lives Murder T-shirt. No problem, right?

2) Are the BLM lefties really burning Bibles and summoning dead spirits?

3) The sale of marijuana, which was illegal for generations, is now an essential business.

4) The Chicago mayor who wishes to defund the police urges citizens who supposedly hate the police to call the police on the federal police who have to police the city because she won’t let the police police it.

5) We now have drive-thru, take-out margaritas; gotta love those open container laws.

6) Islamic candidate in an Illinois county race says she laughed repeatedly at a video of an officer hit in face by a projectile — and withdraws from race amid outcry (thank goodness).

7) There’s a guy out there putting Trump 2020 stickers on rioters’ cars and then watching as they destroy each others’ vehicles.

8) The mayor in New York, de Blasio, announced one street in every borough would be renamed “Black Lives Matter,” but would not allow pro-police groups to paint “Blue Lives Matter” near the NYPD headquarters in Lower Manhattan.

9) While some men and women give up everything for a country they love, there are entitled brats who take everything from a country they hate.

10) And despite what I heard for forty years in the math classroom, “I hate division!” We have more of it now than any time in our history. Lord save us from ourselves.

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