Corruption of the Press

Dear Friends and Maybe-friends:

Please do not buy anything the mainstream press and media tell you. The corruption of the press has become the CENTRAL problem in America. Their Satanic owners are the ENEMY of all Mankind.

Do not buy into the hate.
Do not buy into their extreme bias and prejudice.
Do not buy into the separation they wish to promulgate amongst us.

It isn’t about Covid.
It isn’t about China.
It isn’t about black vs. white vs. brown.
It isn’t about Christian vs. Jew vs. Muslim.
It isn’t about straight vs. gay.
It isn’t about poor vs. rich.
It isn’t about old vs. young.
It isn’t even about democrat vs. republican.

It isn’t about any of that.

It is about Good vs. Evil. That is it.

It is about their striving for control over you and you resisting,
you refusing their tyrannical oppression.

There is Good in every faction and Evil in every faction.
It is time for you to choose your side because time is short.

THINK about it. Hard. Your future and the future of your
children depends on it!

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