We Are Such An Ocean of Fools

We are such an ocean of fools, and the shame of deception lies upon all our heads. The human race is, and always has been (at least in my life), the most disappointing thing on Earth. We are merely a short-sighted and unwise mass of egotistical sheeple, easily molded and manipulated by lies and selfishness, a bothersome pimple on the behind of those who would control us to their wicked end. The ultimate irony here is that even those megalomaniacs who desire control do not realize that they, too, are being blinded and deceived by their own lust for power and greed.


This “crisis” is most likely, given evidence that is coming to the fore, yet another scheme to control the population. Remember the words Problem-Reaction-Solution when the oligarchs “miraculously” come up with their cure for Covid-19. Just when things get to the breaking point, it will appear…but the world has changed forever…

And you know what? We haven’t seen anything yet! Wait and see what happens when the next “epidemic” hits, the massive general disease wave that is expected because the sheltering in place has seriously compromised the population’s natural immune systems, the next terrorist “9-11” happens, martial law becomes a reality due to rioting, when the internet is shut down, when cell phone networks are shut down, when the power grid is shut down, and when water becomes unavailable.

All of those things and more will be upon us in the times ahead. Evil is creative, folks, just like good people are.

BUT, and it is a huge BUT…you must not fear. If you are truly of the Judeo-Christian ethic, you KNOW where to place your trust. He who is eternal knows exactly what is happening and has the Real Solution, not a feeble man-made one.

If you are smarter than I am, let me know where I have gone wrong. If you think I am a nutball, tell me why. But if you know me, you know I am not crazy.

If you are not smarter than I am and do not heed this message, the onus is on you. I have no personal agenda. I have had a very, very wonderful life and if I die tomorrow, I consider myself to have been blessed with miracle upon miracle. I’d like to say I love you all, but you know how silly and insincere that sounds.

America, too, has been blessed as a beacon to all nations, but we have gone astray. To those who have been given, much is required. His patience is great, but it is not infinite. In my view, evil has infiltrated our country at nearly every level, and there will be hell to pay when the bill becomes due.

Sadly I am too old, too ineffective, and too poor to do more than “preach” to you. And I know that if I get too loud, I will be shut down. Not fear, fact.

But you have been told.

Remember NO FEAR!

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