Random Covid Musings

A dozen random musings on the crisis…

1) I have washed my hands so many times, I don’t think I have fingerprints any more.
2) Surprised more armed robberies haven’t taken place; the disguise is mandatory.
3) Isn’t there something wrong when people buy toilet paper before food?
4) We went to our favorite sushi place; did a take-out and ate it in the car…styrofoam everywhere…
5) So thankful to have to spend every moment with someone I really like.
6) Discovered a much greater motivator of human beings than sex, greed, and power: Fear.
7) Filtering truth from all the misinformation and disinformation has never been harder.
8) Truly amazing how easily we are manipulated, be it from a real or imagined threat.
9) I have really learned to cook better than I ever did before.
10) Grocery shopping is the highlight of my week.
11) I am surprised to see people wearing masks while driving alone in their car.
12) I took a picture of a gas station selling gas for under three bucks a gallon…probably never again.

Maybe you would like to add some of your own?

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