The Waiting

So many things in life require waiting.

While we are waiting for *that* phone call…*that* decision, *that* answer, whatever it may be, we agonize, dreaming up scenario after scenario…

It’s almost like what physicists refer to as quantum probabilities, endless possibilities which do not crystallize into some kind of real truth until the waiting is finally over…

And whether you are waiting to do something, waiting to hear back on something, did you get the part, will they invest, did you get the sale, did you get the job, will she ever answer yes, whatever, the “being in limbo” is such an unnerving time. Sometimes even a flat “No” is better.

Well, if you are facing such a situation, I wish you well; know that you are not alone.

And Tom Petty (RIP) put it right: “The waiting is the hardest part…”

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