Upside-Down World Etc.

You know something? At almost every turn, I see an upside-down world. Right is wrong, wrong is right. What the *hell* is going on? The courts, the government, the media, entertainment, organized religion, interpersonal relationships, families, business (almost naturally, huh?), and even in sports do I witness incredible things that make me shake my head in utter disgust and amazement.

Oh, indeed, there are pockets of good throughout our world, but look at the landscape of our “culture.”

Luckily, the poet John Keats had this right: “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.”


Reflecting on my own comments, and in light of some of the twisted sisters I have recently become associated, I now realize (duh) that it isn’t the faceless institutions that have caused the world to go awry. It’s people.

Each and every day I contemplate why I have attracted so many misguided, mistreating, self-serving adults into my life. If my father taught me anything, it was to be considerate of others (though he often was not). And it is that simple lack of consideration for others that ends up manifesting in all of the upside-down, backward behavior that we see. So selfish for power, greed, lust, gluttony…it’s the people. And there *will* be a price to pay…just wait and see…

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