Trip to Minnesota

This is Minnie Belle Lake in central Minnesota. Using a guide, my best Army buddy Rich and I fished all day. We caught about fifty (!) fish, mostly largemouth bass, one Walleye, and one 29-inch Northern Pike (though the host is holding my fish). Rich out-fished us all. Great day on the lake.

The next day was Target Field in Minneapolis…watched the Twins get shut out by Cleveland 2-0, but it was still fun and we had terrific seats, courtesy of Ted Mondale, Rich’s son-in-law.

This is very close to the headwaters of the Mississippi River at the east side of downtown Minneapolis, an area called Mill Ruins Park, a monument to all of the 19th century flour mills that dominated their economy back then…

(By the way, I only saw two Hawaiian shirts the whole time I was in Minnesota…what is wrong with these people?)

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