Here is something that recently crossed my e-desk…if you never heard of this, well…

There is a new e-cigarette device that is becoming quite popular nationwide among young teens. This is the JUUL Vaporizer. The talk amongst young teens using the device is known as “juuling.”

The e-cigarette itself is deceiving. It does not look like a traditional e-cigarette. It looks like a small USB flash drive that can plug into a computer or laptop. As it is quite small, it can be easily hidden or concealed. The JUUL does not emit any odor, so it makes its use unnoticeable. The pods, or “juice” for the JUUL, contain as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes. These devices can be easily purchased on Amazon without age verification.

I have seen video of kids in school using this device. It looks like they are merely holding their hands to their mouths pensively…you just cannot tell what they’re doing.

By the way, there might be an even more alarming phenomena called “dabbing,” but you can look that up yourselves…

Are we nuts or what?

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