Eat That Question at the Nuart

After a very pleasant walk in Santa Monica, went to see Eat That Question at the Nuart Theater, a documentary about Frank Zappa, presented mainly in his own words.

One of my childhood heroes, Zappa is portrayed as a humorous and eccentric workaholic “genius,” a man whose lifelong integrity engenders great respect, almost as much respect as his esoteric creativity.

As a teen, I thought that he and his band must have really dug deeply into psychedelics and the like, but nothing could be further from the truth…he was a very serious, thoughtful musician and composer who tolerated little to no drug usage on tour.

Another thing that came across quite loudly was that people in European countries revered him and his work much more than we did here in the states, attributed to the more mature sense of real culture that those countries have above and beyond the puerile American “culture” of designer jeans and burgers.

We lost a great treasure when he passed at the young age of only 53.

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